The Bachelor Challenge

Day 17: Solo Date #2

Before we start with this chapter let me tell you where I got this awesome location from: it’s called “Newcrest Karaoke Bar” and was designed by Tyronica_Stanch. You can find it on the gallery!



After the last elimination the two women left had to pack their bags as well. They didn’t have to go home yet but they moved into a hotel nearby. The reason therefore was that Jacob and each girl wouldn’t be disturbed on their dates.

Back in the hotel the girls had to toss the dices to see who will get the first date. Rose won and cheered. Finley sighed because she didn’t know how she could distract herself on that day without thinking about Rose’s date.

A limousine turned up at the hotel and brought Rose back to the bachelor villa. As she walked up to the front door Jacob stepped out and hugged her deeply.

“I’ve missed you so much!” Rose said as he let her go again. Jacob laughed: “But it was only one night! But I’m glad you’re here now. I have great plans for us today.”



The limousine was still waiting in front of the house and together Jacob and Rose drove to a nice bar. “Karaoke bar?” Rose asked Jacob confused. She had never sang before and didn’t know if she would dare to do it in public.

Jacob nodded and helped her out of the limousine. They walked inside and Rose was glad that there weren’t any other visitors. “So we have the whole bar for ourselves?” she asked him.

“Of course! Do you want to try it right away?” Jacob didn’t wait for an answer and pulled Rose after him to the stage. He put on a duet and handed one of the microphones to her.



“Now I’ve had the time of my life. No I never felt like this before. Yes I swear it’s the truth and I owe it all to you“ Jacob sang as the music began. Rose squealed as she realized what song Jacob had chosen for them.

“That’s my favorite movie of all time!” she cheered and started singing her part. They performed the whole song and Rose didn’t mind at all that her voice didn’t sound too well at most points. Jacob smiled at her all the time.


d17.4.pngAfter the music turned off again they went down of the stage and Jacob took Rose’s hands. “I know you were afraid I would send you home but as you can see, I didn’t. You’re someone special and you should know that I appreciate all of it” he purred.



Rose could feel the tension between them and saw Jacob’s face coming closer to hers. He wants to kiss me! Do I want to kiss him? Am I ready? She already leaned in to accept his kiss but then she stopped.

She resolved from his arms and stepped back. She was looking at the floor as she tried to explain: “I’m sorry, Jacob. But I can’t do this. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to kiss you but as long as I can’t be sure you’re only mine I’m too afraid to kiss you.”



Jacob was confused by what she said but accepted it. “I have never been in your situation but I can imagine how hard this is. And that’s why I think it’s okay that you don’t want to kiss me yet” he said and softly pushed her chin up with one finger so he could see her beautiful eyes.

As Rose saw the look on his face she was relieved that he wasn’t angry that she had rejected him. After all he was a gentleman and knew how to handle any woman.

They spent the rest of the day talking and dancing. They even sang a few more songs and with every line they sang Rose became more confident and also better at it.



After a few hours they returned back to the bachelor villa. Jacob led Rose into his private bedroom and they sat down on it. “Why are we here?” she asked him innocently.

He smiled and said: “This is the only place in the whole house that you’ve never seen before and where you aren’t reminded of any other girl. I want you to feel comfortable. Also, you can stay the night in here with me if you want to.”

Rose knew what he probably had on his mind but then she remembered his reaction when she refused to kiss him. We will be able to talk even more. There’s so much I want to tell him!

But instead of words the next time was spent with speechless cuddling and caressing. Rose could still not believe she was falling for a man she hadn’t known three weeks ago.


d17.8.pngAfter a while they looked up and their eyes met once again. “So, do you want to stay overnight here?” he asked her again. Rose had to think about it some time. Finally, she nodded because she really wanted to wake up next to this man in the next morning.



In the morning after their date Jacob had prepared pancakes for breakfast. They were still in their pajamas as they sat down to eat them. At first they enjoyed the delicious food and smiled at each other whenever their eyes met.

“This date was the best I’ve ever had!” Rose said to break the silence. Jacob smiled at her and replied: “I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun and maybe we will be able to do it again!”



Dear readers,

This is where we end this day. Tune in next time to see Jacob’s date with Finley!


xoxo Sonschi



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