The Bachelor Challenge

Day 16: Elimination #5 [2/7]


Once again an elimination night was approaching. All four people left in the show – including Jacob – were having breakfast together. No one was talking and the tension at the table was enormous.

Finley sighed and picked her omelet without eating a bite. “What’s the matter?” Jacob asked her after a while. Finley sighed again before she answered: “We’re only three women left and today one of us will have to leave you behind. The chance that it’s me is way too high this time. I’m scared and I guess Rose and Charlie feel the same.”

As she looked over to the two girls they had sad faces on and just nodded. At this stage of the show feelings were already a thing and being eliminated meant to go back home with a broken heart.



After the breakfast Jacob announced today’s schedule as usual. Rose sneaked away and went upstairs to their bedroom. She needed some time on her own because Finley’s words reminded her of the fear she had felt since she woke up.

In her mind, she was the one that had the least contact and connection to Jacob and that scared her the most. He says he likes me but he said that to everyone and they were eliminated anyway.


d16.3A few hours later Jacob yelled upstairs and asked everyone to come together in the kitchen. As everyone was in the kitchen he finally said: “It’s time now to get ready for tonight. I will disappear now and when I come back – and when you are done getting dressed of course – we will have short dates as usual.”



Jacob wasn’t one of those men who took tons of time to get ready. As he watched the clock he knew the ladies would never be finished yet so he took a look at the pictures of the last three girls left in the house.

One of them won’t be here tomorrow anymore. If I could I would skip this night. Jacob felt a pain inside of him as he looked at the pictures some more. He didn’t know the least who he should send home tonight.



As he heard the ladies coming downstairs he went over to them and told him where he wanted the dates to be held. “Rose, do you want to be the first one tonight?” Jacob asked her and offered his hand to lead her outside.

As they arrived he grabbed her other hand as well and looked deeply into her eyes. “You don’t need to be scared” he began. “Oh, I’m not scared!” Rose interrupted him. Jacob didn’t believe her because her lips were shaking the whole time.

“You don’t need to be scared” he said again. “You’re a wonderful woman and I can’t imagine sending you home tonight.” Rose was confused: “So you already know who will leave later?” Jacob bit his lip. He knew what he was about to say would contradict with what he had said a few seconds ago: “No, I don’t know yet but…”

He didn’t know what to say anymore. He cleared his throat and tried to find the right words: “What I want to say is, you’re a wonderful woman and no matter what will happen later, you’ll go your way.”



With every word he said, Jacob felt like digging his own grave. Rose of course recognized that he had kicked himself into a bad situation and couldn’t find the way out anymore.

She laughed and smiled at him: “Don’t worry. I know what you want to express. You’re right. If I have to leave tonight I will find my own way. But also, I will be heartbroken.”



With these words she turned away from Jacob and walked back into the house. She told the girls that the next one could join Jacob outside. Charlie winked at Finley and let her go first.

As Finley arrived at where Jacob was waiting she smiled at him. He immediately took her hands and looked deep into her eyes. Deep inside her Finley hoped he would kiss her again. She loved the feeling of his lips on hers.



At first Jacob looked like he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the correct words. After the disastrous chat with Rose he didn’t want to destroy things between him and Finley as well.

As his eyes met hers again he could read her like an open book. He smiled and leaned forward until their noses touched. He smiled and sighed at the same time before he kissed Finley.

Both didn’t know how much time had passed as their lips separated again. Finley blushed as Jacob looked at her again. When he kissed her she felt safe but at the same time she was highly aware that she wasn’t as experienced as Jacob or even like the other two girls.



Charlie had already been on her way outside because Finley was talking to Jacob way too long. From far she could see the two kissing passionately. She felt uncomfortable seeing that.

It was different to know that Jacob had kissed another girl already and to see him do it. She didn’t quite know what to do. Charlie didn’t want to interrupt them. Before she could decide on what to do the two said goodbye and Finley walked up to her.

As Charlie was standing in front of Jacob she didn’t know where she should look at. Jacob had still some of Finley’s lipstick around his mouth which made her even more uncomfortable.



Of course Jacob recognized Charlie’s behavior and asked her what was wrong. He thought she might be just as scared as Rose to be eliminated tonight. But instead, Charlie confessed: “Well, you and Finley were… talking pretty long and I went outside to show you it’s time to speak to me.”

She paused and stared at her shoes. Jacob wasn’t naïve and realized what Charlie tried to tell him. He blushed and tried to answer her but his stuttering didn’t make any sense.

Charlie sighed, still looking at her feet: “I know that at some point in this show you get to know us very close but seeing it feels wrong. I hope you understand why I behave like this.”



After Jacob had talked to all three girls he sat down in the living room at the couch out of sight from the girls. They were waiting for him and his roses at the usual place.

Jacob was desperate. His conversations with the girls didn’t go well. Rose was probably angry at him, Charlie was heartbroken because she saw him with Finley. And Finley, well they didn’t say a single word during their conversation.



As he walked over to the ladies with his last two roses their faces almost broke his heart. Rose was staring angrily at him and Charlie and also Finley weren’t too happy to see him.

Jacob sighed and tried to finish tonight’s elimination as fast as possible. “As you can see I only have two roses left. I also know that getting no rose tonight means returning home with a broken heart. That’s why I want to get through this as quick as possible.”

He paused and looked at them to see if they agreed on him. As they nodded he went on: “The first one is for the woman with the punny name.”



Rose was confused to get a rose. Of course she knew he meant her because of her name. Her angry mood faded away and she went up to him, still confused.

“Rose, do you take this rose and be in the final round to win my love?” Jacob asked her. Rose nodded and hugged Jacob as he handed the rose over to her.



As Rose returned to the couch Jacob looked at the last rose left. He knew that the hardest part of that night had to be done now. His eyes wandered over to Charlie and Finley.

Both had still sad faces and he could barely talk as he said: “Charlie, Finley. Would you please come forward?” Every move they made was stiff. It couldn’t be overseen that both were scared.



It felt like the time was slowed down while the two ladies walked up to Jacob. As they arrived Finley had tears in her eyes and watched Jacob.

Charlie didn’t dare to look at the bachelor but looked over to Finley. He has kissed her. Why should she have to leave then?




Dear readers,

This is the end once again. The cliffhanger of this elimination will be resolved – as always – in the next ultrashort chapter coming soon!


xoxo Sonschi



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