The Bachelor Challenge

Day 16 – Result


Charlie still couldn’t look at Jacob. Deep inside her she knew it would be over tonight. She didn’t hear or see anything around her anymore. There was only the crack she was hearing as her heart slowly broke into pieces.

Jacob finally began to speak: “This last rose is for you, Finley.” He didn’t say why but Charlie already knew the reason. She blinked the tears in her eyes away and they ran slowly down her cheeks.



Charlie had stepped aside to make place for Finley. She didn’t want to see how Jacob held her in his arms as she received the last rose. As she looked over her shoulder she could see the happiness and love in Finley’s face.

As Jacob turned around to talk to her she held up her hand and whispered: “It’s okay. I’m not meant to be the one for you. I’ll leave now.”

Charlie slowly walked to the stairs to get her luggage. Every step she took her breath away and she thought she would run out of breath before she reached the second floor.


d16.17 (results).png

Here is the proof that Charlie has the lowest relationship with Jacob.

All added up, the relationships are:

Charlie: 89

Rose: 113

Finley: 122

If you remember the last elimination’s relationship scores you will have realized that ALL have gone down. Well, the girls are pretty jealous. ^^


Thank you a lot, xGravityGirl, for creating Charlie! She was a lot of fun to play.



Dear readers,

As there are only two girls left now there will only be two solo dates before the last and final elimination will happen! Tune in next time to find out who will have the first date this time!

xoxo Sonschi


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