The Bachelor Challenge

Day 15: Free Day!


The fifteenth day started of relaxed because it was a day without any date at all. Finley and Rose were in the living room talking about last night’s elimination.

“I’m so happy she finally had to leave the house! Can you feel, too, that the atmosphere here has changed completely?” Rose asked Finley. Her friend leaned back and sighed: “Oh yes, we don’t have to be scared of that freak anymore. Why didn’t he kick her out earlier?”

Of course they were talking about Trecile’s leave. All the girls left in the house thought they knew why she had to go. Jacob had finally realized her bad character and how dangerous it was to be around her. She had shown her real face. That’s what they tought.

What they didn’t know, Trecile did show her real face. But it was not the one they meant. The real reason why she had to leave will always be Jacob’s secret.



The bachelor used the free day to work out again. After the shock from yesterday he needed to free his mind. He was never one of those who believed in supernatural things. “That’s just stories to scare little kids!” he had always said when someone tried to talk about vampires, werewolves or anything like this.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy*. Jacob could still not believe that Trecile was an alien. As he had opened his eyes and saw that blue on her… A shudder ran down his spine as the image showed up in his head again.

His whole world had been about to fall apart in that short moment. Even though it was rude he just had to send Trecile away. He had always seen himself as a gentleman and he would have never thought of treating a person like this.

It was the right decision to send her home. What if she has superpowers and manipulated me the whole time? The other girls were afraid to be in the same room with her! Why wasn’t I?


* William Shakespeare – Hamlet (1.5.167 – 8)



Jacob tried to work out for more than an hour but then he realized yesterday’s surprise wouldn’t leave him behind in the next time. He decided to go downstairs and see what the girls are up to.

The first one he ran into was Finley. As soon as he saw her the thought about Trecile’s real appearance blurred and was replaced with his memory of the kiss they had shared on their solo date.

He couldn’t help but smile at her, not only because of his image in his mind but also because she was wearing her bikini. This woman doesn’t even know what impact her body has on everyone around her! She has perfect curves.

“Hey girl, what are you doing?” he asked her before she could realize he was staring at her half naked body. “I was outside swimming in the pool but now I wanted to get a little snack. What are you up to?” she asked in response.



The two kept on chatting for a while before Jacob realized he needed a shower. I hope Finley doesn’t recognize that the bad odor is coming from me. He excused himself and disappeared in his private section of the house to jump in the shower.

Only a few seconds later Rose and Charlie showed up in the dining room as well. Finley didn’t recognize them because in her head she was still alone with Jacob. Her lips started prickling as she thought about the kiss they shared.

Charlie and Rose were sitting at the table and snickering while they watched Finley. “She doesn’t know we’re here, too, does she?” Charlie whispered. Rose shook her head: “No, she’s definitely somewhere else. I bet she’s going through her solo date again.”

Charlie looked over to Finley again. As she saw Finley blush, Charlie’s smile faded away from her face. There did happen something between them on that date. Did he kiss her?!

Charlie tried to hide her thoughts from Rose. She put on a fake smile as she got up and said: “I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll go nap for half an hour.” Rose looked after her as she disappeared. I bet she feels the same like me. Finley did kiss Jacob. I’m sure she did.



Roses decided to work out before she faced Finley to ask her what happened on their date. She wasn’t quite sure how to do it without sounding rude or desperate. While she was running on the treadmill she thought about how she would tackle this problem.

Later she met Finley in the living room and took the chance. “Hey Finley. What are you doing?” she asked her innocently. Finley shrugged her shoulders: “Not much. I was outside sunbathing but now I don’t know yet what to do. I’m not used to this much freetime!”

Rose bit her lip before she asked: “I was wondering what you were doing with Jacob on your date. I mean you seem to be day dreaming a lot today.” She winked at Finley before she went on: “You don’t have to tell me anything but did something more than some flirting happen between you?”

The look Finley threw at Rose was unidentifiable. Rose worried that she would be angry at her but then Finley finally sighed and said: “Well, I didn’t want to rub it into your faces but yes, something happened on our date. Are you sure you want to know it?”



About an hour later Finley was in the living room again. She had told Rose every little detail about her date with Jacob and it seemed as if Rose was happy for her.

As Finley wanted to turn on the TV to see the news Charlie came around the corner and squealed as she saw her: “Ah, Finley! Is it true you and Jacob were kissing on your date? That’s too cute! Was it your first kiss ever?”

Finley was a bit angry that Rose had told Charlie about it. She did like Charlie but she preferred to tell private news like this herself. She swallowed her anger and smiled at Charlie: “Yes, he kissed me and yes, it was my very first kiss. And it was perfect.”





Dear readers,

This is the end of today’s chapter. As it is only a free day I didn’t take too many pictures because there wasn’t too much going on in the house. Tune in next time to see a longer chapter again ^^

xoxo Sonschi


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