The Bachelor Challenge

Day 14: Surprise!

Before I begin this chapter I have to tell you something. This chapter is originally named Black and White Bash but I didn’t throw a party at all. So I changed it into Surprise. You will see why in a few seconds.



After last night’s emotional elimination the four people in the house decided to sleep in and have a late breakfast. After they were finished they got ready for the day.

As the ladies sat down with Jacob at the dining table again he told them today’s schedule: “You might be curious what we will do today. I have prepared a little surprise for you. You won’t talk to me today but to someone special in my life. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Have fun!”

As he said the last word he got up, said his goodbye and walked away. The women were left confused. Charlie was the first to find her words: “What is going on? Who do you think will visit us?”



The said visitors were already in the backyard waiting to meet all the candidates. Mary and James Valentine were sitting in the outside seating area. “How many women are left?” James asked his wife.

Mary chuckled and answered: “James, Jacob has told us several times. It’s only three ladies left to win his heart. I’m curious who they are. I hope his soul mate is among them.”



Jacob was on his way to his parents as he had left the girls in the dining room. He smiled as he saw his father and mother sitting there being as happy as he knew them. One day I hope this will be me and my wife.

“Hey mom and dad! It feels great to see you again!” he greeted them as he sat down. “You look great, Jacob! And by your smile I can say that you’re in love!” Mary said as she saw her son.

Jacob explained to his parents what the purpose of their visit was. They only should talk to each girl in private and see if they fit to their son. “I think that won’t be too hard” James said after Jacob had finished his explanation.



Jacob walked back into the house and as he passed by the girls he said: “Our visitors are waiting for you in the seating area in the backyard. They would like to talk to you in private.” He winked before he disappeared.

Charlie was brave enough to go first. She didn’t know who would be waiting outside but she walked to said place with confidence. As she saw them she almost squealed.

“Hey, I’m Charlie and you are Jacob’s parents, aren’t you?” she greeted them as she arrived at the couches. Mary and James smiled at her and introduced themselves.

“You look like a decent woman. What made you join this show? A beauty like you shouldn’t have problems to find a man in her life” Mary asked Charlie.

At first Charlie was a bit confused from the straight forward question but then she answered: “I’m not here because I’m desperate to find a man. I just thought it would be a great addition to get to know someone. But I have to admit that the part with the competition is harder than I thought.”



They spent some more minutes talking about their lives before Charlie went back to the other girls to tell them who was waiting for them. In the meanwhile, Mary and James were discussing their opinion on Charlie.

“Even though she’s a ginger she seems to be a nice girl. She has a nice appearance and knows what she wants. I like her” Mary said. James just nodded. His wife had already said what he thought about the candidate.



Next up was Finley. She was a bit afraid because as she had never had a boyfriend before she didn’t know how it felt like to meet his parents. Shier than usual she went over to them and sat down.

“Oh wow, you also have tattoos. I tried to talk Jacob out of getting his. I don’t think it’s good to have ink under your skin. What if you won’t like it anymore in the future?” Mary went straight away.

Before Finley could answer James said: “Oh come on, Mary! Nowadays not only criminals have tattoos. Get used to it already. So, Finley, tell us something about you. I bet Mary will regret her first impression then!”

Finley smiled because she was glad Jacob’s father helped her out of this situation. She told them about her single mother and her brothers, about how she had to handle everything at home and that she wanted to work in the music career.



As Finley walked back in Mary turned towards James: “Oh my creator, would you have known how much she had to go through as you saw her the first time? After all that she still shines brighter than the sun. I bet Jacob totally fell for her from the beginning!”

James just raised an eyebrow and said: “I told you so!” And her charisma won’t be the only thing he was amazed about. He tried to hide the grin from his wife.


d14.8.pngLast but not least was Rose. As she sat down beside Jacob’s parents and introduced herself Mary stunned: “I would have never thought a noble lady would join such a show!” Rose laughed and said: “I’m not the least noble. I was raised by my grandmother and she wanted me to be a lady. I’m actually just the girl next door. But thank you very much! I see that as a compliment.”



d14.9.pngThey had a conversation about how Rose saw her future and afterwards the couple discussed again. “Why are you always this straight forward?” James asked his wife. Mary just shrugged her shoulders and answered: “Well, she did seem to be noble after all. But what do you think about her?”

James smiled: “She seems to be a nice and polite woman. I like her. But I have to admit that I like all three girls. I wouldn’t want to be Jacob because I wouldn’t know who to send home.”



d14.10.pngAfter a while Jacob joined his parents again. “And? What do you say about my ladies?” he asked them. “First of all, every single one of them is gorgeous. You made great decisions I suppose because they are the ones left” Mary began.

“And also they look all great! We don’t have to be scared to have ugly grandkids!” James added jokingly. Mary was indignant as she said: “How dare you say something this mean?!” The men just laughed at her reaction.

“Anyway, we wish you a lot of luck to make the right decision at the end. I’m sure the one is among them. My motherly instinct lets me feel this” Mary finally said to her son. James again only nodded to support his wife’s opinion.



d14.11.png“But you have to listen to your heart!” Mary added. “As your father already said, all of them are beautiful. I hope you don’t only go after their appearance. It’s very important that your souls match.”

Mary took James’ hands before she went on: “Otherwise you won’t find the kind of love your father and I share.” Jacob had to smile as he saw how his father looked at his mother. “That’s exactly what I’m looking for in this show” he said before he thanked his parents and said his goodbye.


Dear readers,

I hope I could surprise you with Jacob’s parents and their little visit. Even though I have to admit I had to start the game again because I forgot their names and didn’t take any notes of that ^^

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Sonschi


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