The Bachelor Challenge

Day 13 – Results


Last time we left the elimination with a cliffhanger. Now let’s find out who will have to leave this time.

Charlie was shaking on her whole body. She was too scared to have to go tonight. She looked at Jacob through tears in her eyes. He hasn’t said a word for minutes but for her it felt like hours.

Trecile felt safe. She knew the last rose lying on the table would be for her. She smiled at Jacob and couldn’t wait for him to say her name. As he looked at her he could feel the tension between them.

Finally, Jacob began to speak: “As you can see, there’s only this one rose left. And only one of you will get it tonight. The other one will have to leave the house right away.”

He paused before he went on. He closed his eyes and as he opened them again they were fixed on Charlie. “Do you want this last rose tonight, Charlie?” he asked her.

As Trecile heard his words she was too shocked to face the truth. Without a word she ran upstairs. As all of them had packed their bags before the elimination she knew what to do. She grabbed her luggage and returned downstairs. Without looking back at anyone she went out through the front door.



Everyone was confused by her reaction. Jacob tried to say something as she came downstairs but she was too fast out of the door before he could react to it.

Confused, he blinked and his eyes went back to Charlie. Her whole body was trembling as she was crying heavily. She hadn’t answered his question yet and he was scared she would refuse it.

“Yes, I want the rose” Charlie whispered in such a low voice that could almost not be heard. He put the rose back on the table and grabbed Charlie by the shoulders.

“Hey, everything’s okay. No need to be sad” he comforted her. She didn’t look up so he put his arms around her waist and pulled her close. As she laid her head on his shoulder he softly caressed her head.

As the shock went away Charlie left Jacob’s hug and whipped the tears away from her face. She tried to smile even though she knew her make up made her look like a monster. Jacob finally handed the rose to her and she returned to the other two girls left in the house.



Dear readers,

The cliffhanger is finally resolved and I hope you liked this tiny little chapter! Keep on reading to find out what will happen next!

And thanks a lot to Ancaryvan for creating Trecile! She was fun to play.


xoxo Sonschi


D13.24 Result.png

By the way, here’s the proof for this elimination. And this time it is not as blurred as last time ^^

When you add the romantic and the friendship relationship you come to this result:

Finley: 169

Charlie: 112

Rose: 107

Trecile: 89


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