The Bachelor Challenge

Day 13: Elimination #4 [3/7]


Once again the day of an elimination night had arrived. Jacob tried to cheer the ladies up by preparing breakfast for them. As they were sitting together at the dining table he announced his plan for this day.

“As you know one of you will have to leave us tonight. And as usual I want to talk to each of you in private. But this time I want to get dressed and have a situation like on a date. Do you get what I mean?” he laughed as he looked in puzzled faces.

“Just get dressed earlier today. The ‘dates’ will start at about 3 p.m. today” Jacob added and finished his fruit salad. The ladies smiled at him but he could clearly see that they were even more nervous as usually on this day.



Everyone spent the hours until the dates started with getting dressed. Now that only three would stay in the house it was even more important to impress the bachelor.

As the clock struck 3 p.m. the first began. Jacob let the girls decide who should start this time. It turned out that Charlie was to start the game. As she went on the patio and walked over to Jacob her heart was beating heavily.

As she sat down she tried to hide her nervous mood by joking: “Mr. Bachelor, are you pleased with what you see?” Jacob laughed and nodded: “Of course! You look great tonight, Charlie!”


d13.3.pngAs Charlie saw the look in Jacob’s eyes she didn’t feel nervous anymore. She moved closer to him and winked at him. “And you, Mr. Bachelor, look as handsome as every day” she almost purred into his ear.



Her purring put them into a tense situation. They moved closer to each other and Jacob decided to put his arms around Charlie. As he pulled her closer to him she cuddled up to him.

Feeling him this close to her body made her heart beat faster than ever. She felt as if everyone in the house could hear it beating. What if I have feelings for him? Is it too dangerous to fall in love with a man like him?


d13.5.pngCharlie shooed away her worries and concentrated on the moment. She could smell Jacob’s odor and she couldn’t get enough of it. She decided to tell him and as they were still sitting close to each other she whispered in his ear: “I could stay like this forever. You smell like heaven.”



As Charlie’s time with Jacob was up she had to leave their cozy situation. As she had walked away it was Trecile’s turn to spend time with Jacob.

As she walked up to him she was determined to tell and to show her secret to him. She felt ready and she felt great about it. He will like it. I can feel it!

As she sat down beside him their bodies were almost touching. Jacob looked deeply into her eyes and Trecile felt her emotions come up. Even though he hadn’t chosen her for the first solo date she knew there was a bond between them no one and nothing in this whole universe could ever destroy.



As she was reminded about her plan to expose her secret she moved away from Jacob. She could see that he was confused about the sudden distance between them but didn’t mention it.

“You know I have a little secret I wanted to tell you before but wasn’t ready yet. I think, no I know that I’m ready now to tell you my secret. Are you ready?” she asked him.



As Jacob nodded, Trecile got up and concentrated on something. Jacob watched her, curious what will happen next. Trecile’s whole body began to shimmer and shine and a sudden bright light forced Jacob to close his eyes.

As he was able to open them again he couldn’t believe his eyes. Trecile was still standing in front of him but something had changed. Her skin and hair was blue and her eyes were completely black.

“What the plum ARE you?!” Jacob asked in shock. Trecile realized that Jacob wasn’t pleased with what he saw. She could see the disgust in his eyes that almost broke her heart into pieces.


d13.9.pngThe bright light appeared again and the old Trecile was back. “I’m an alien but I can stay like this if you want!” Trecile tried to explain. She smiled at Jacob to show her that she wouldn’t harm him. “I need to think about it” he only said.



Trecile was scared as she walked away. She didn’t know if she had a completely wrong image of Jacob in her mind or if he only needed some time to let this new information settle down in his mind.

After Trecile Finley followed. As she sat down beside Jacob she could see the shock in his eyes. She wanted to say something but she didn’t know what. Maybe he finally saw the real Trecile and can’t believe he hasn’t kicked her out yet?

Instead she decided to caress his cheek. As her fingers touched his skin he relaxed and smiled at her. Finley didn’t know yet but there was definitely a bond between them.



Without saying a word Jacob bent over to Finley and kissed her. He could taste the champagne she had drunk before she came up and he liked the taste of her lips.

Their kiss went on and as Jacob pulled Finley closer to him the kiss turned more and more passionate. As their lips separated again both were almost out of breath.


d13.12.png“I could kiss you all night” Jacob whispered to Finley. She leaned her head against his and just smiled. Her mind was a bit distracted because she was too curious what had happened when Trecile was here before that shocked Jacob this much.


d13.13.pngBefore she could think about it more Jacob leaned over to her to kiss her again. Finley loved how his soft lips caressed her own. But what she loved even more was the way their tongues danced the whole time. She couldn’t get enough of the man she was kissing. Plum it, I’m falling in love with him.



Jacob and Finley sight simultaneously as they knew they had to part now. Finley’s finger was still hooked with Jacob’s as she got up and walked away. He looked after her and couldn’t stop smiling any more.

Rose wasn’t in a great mood as she sat down beside Jacob. She didn’t know what had been going on before and she did also not know that the first kiss of the show was already done.

But something else was scaring her and caught her whole attention: “I know that I applied for this show voluntarily but I would have never thought of it becoming this hard the longer you stay in this house. Whenever you’re not around I feel, I don’t know how I should express this. My grandma taught me to accept a man’s decisions and stay quiet about them but I feel like this has to be said. I feel left out. I’m sorry to bother you with this.”



Jacob could imagine how hard it was for all the ladies in the house. Instead of comforting her with words he pulled her closer and snuggled her into his arms.

At first Rose couldn’t enjoy the situation but then she decided to let herself go and put her arms around Jacob and pushed herself even closer to him.


d13.16.pngAfter a while she let go and said relaxed: “You really know how to calm down a crazy chick like me. You’re the perfect man. I hope my little tantrum doesn’t cause my exit tonight. I really want to stay with you, Jacob.”


d13.17.pngBefore he could answer Rose grabbed both his hands and said: “I know that I can be hard to read sometimes and other times I’m stressful like no one else. But I can tell you: I’m worth it. You just need to give me the time I need to unfold. Like a caterpillar needs time to evolve into a butterfly.”


d13.18.pngAfter the date with Rose it was time for Jacob to return in his private rooms and think about who should be eliminated tonight. As he looked at every picture of the ladies he thought about the memories that popped up in his mind.



His decision wasn’t as easy as the last one but it wasn’t his hardest one he had had so far. He took the three roses from the counter and walked to the living room.

The ladies were all dressed up and waiting just for him. As he entered the room all of them were smiling at him. He looked at each of them – also with a smile on his face – and his eyes got stuck at Finley’s presence.

“Dear Finley, we had one of the best dates I’ve ever had in my life. Would you like to have this rose tonight?” he asked her straight away.



Finley cheered and got up. As she was standing in front of Jacob she nodded and said: “Our date really was as beautiful as you just said. And yes, I want this rose.”

Jacob cleared his throat before he went on: “The next rose is for a woman who should me a completely different side of her today. But still you’re the noble lady in my mind like on day one.”



As he mentioned the expression ‘noble’, Rose knew it was her he was talking about. She got up before he said her name and walked over to him. “No pun about my name tonight?” she joked.

Jacob grinned and took her hands: “Rose, do you want this rose tonight?” She nodded and hugged the bachelor as she was handed the flower.



Jacob sighed before he went on: “As you can see there’s only one rose left. Charlie, Trecile, would you please come to me?”

As they were standing by his side the different emotions were going on in them. Charlie was scared that she would be eliminated right after she found out that there might be feelings for Jacob.

Trecile didn’t feel scared. She was confident that Jacob wouldn’t send her home right after she confessed a secret no one except him and her father knew about.




Dear readers,

Once again this is the end of today’s chapter. I hope you like it and I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger just as much as I do. :p

As I managed to ruin the last survey I won’t do one this time. And there’s also no tie which means no poll as well. Just wait for the cliffhanger to be solved. 😉


xoxo Sonschi


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