The Bachelor Challenge

Day 12: Solo Date #1


A new day had begun and all the girls were having breakfast with Jacob as he grinned at them. “You won’t believe what day it is!” he exclaimed. Everyone tried to find out what he was talking about but they missed with every guess.

“No, it’s not my birthday or anything else you said. It’s the twelfth day and this means… THE FIRST ONE ON ONE DATE!” he cheered. The ladies were surprised and every single one hoped she would be the chosen one.

Jacob looked around and made eye contact with all four. As he opened his mouth everyone held their breath: “The one I chose for today is…” Of course he paused to get even more tension at the table. “…Finley!” he finally said and smiled at her.



It was almost noon as both Jacob and Finley finally were finished to go on their one on one date. Finley was nervous as it was her first real date ever in her life. But at the same time she felt safe because she trusted Jacob.

“Thank you very much! I’d never thought of being your first one on one date, Jacob!” Finley explained. She winked at him as she said it to cover her being nervous. But as she took a closer look at Jacob she could see that he felt the same somehow.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The location is not mine. It’s “The Modern Diamond Lounge” by Little_Crude. You can find it on the gallery (of course because I found it there xD).



Jacob had had a question on his mind every time he had seen and talked to Finley but he had always missed the chance to ask it. Until now: “You told me about your dream of being a music composer. How come we have never talked about it before?”

Finley laughed: “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I have just graduated from college before I came here to get to know you. I love music and all but I don’t know if my dream is realistic enough to be talked about at the beginning of meeting someone. Do you know what I mean?”

Jacob nodded and they spent some time talking about how Finley imagined that career. Their conversation became more and more stern and after a while – their conversation had come to an end and they only looked at each other – Jacob bent over to Finley and tickled her.



As she had already tears in her eyes from all the laughing he stopped and looked at her. They were sitting closer than before and Jacob could feel the warmth Finley’s body spread.

“I’m sorry but your face looked a bit too serious I just had to see you laugh again” Jacob explained his little attack on her. “Oh, I enjoyed it!” Finley explained as she whipped away a tear from her cheek.



Just as Jacob, Finley could feel the warmth caused by Jacob sitting quite close to her. Without thinking about it she moved closer to him and put her arms around him. As she laid her head in his shoulder she felt like she found heaven on earth.

I won’t leave this place ever again! Jacob was pleased that Finley once again took the first step to interact romantically. He put his arms around her and pulled her closer to him.

All this time they didn’t say a word anymore. But words weren’t needed because their bodies were telling stories.



After a while Finley moved away from Jacob again. He was confused and disappointed that their little cuddling session was already over. As he looked at her – he tried to hide his sad face – she smiled at him and everything was fine again.

“I could stay like this forever but at the same time I need to keep some distance to you. There are three other girls who want to date you and I’m not sure if I will be the last one left. It’s a bit scary for me as I’m inexperienced in this whole love thing…” Finley tried to explain the sudden distance between them.



Jacob just nodded: “I can or at least I try to understand how it feels like from your position. I can only say it’s hard to date this many ladies at the same time. I’ve never been a guy to date more than one girl. I barely had time to date even one at all!”

He laughed and peeked over to Finley to see if she laughed, too. And she did. Wow, this woman is truly amazing. Maybe she’s the one?



He moved closer to her again even though she had told him before why she wanted to keep a distance between them. “I’m sorry” Jacob whispered in her ear as he caressed her cheek with his nose.

Finley’s mind was screaming to back off but her heart told her to move closer to him and enjoy the moment. She struggled because of the fight going on inside of her. But at the end she let herself fall and leaned her head against Jacob’s head.



She didn’t quite get what was going on as he moved his head so their noses touched. They shared one last eye contact before Jacob’s face moved even closer to hers. They closed their eyes almost at the same. It was seconds before their lips touched for the first time.

At first Finley enjoyed Jacob’s soft lips on hers before she returned the kiss. It started as a shy little kiss and turned into a more and more passionate scene with every second that passed.



As their lips parted again they didn’t say a word. They just sat there on the couch – still very close – and smiled at each other. They enjoyed being on their own without being interrupted by anyone else.

The more time passed the more Finley had to fight the thought that soon the other girls would probably experience the same feeling as she had right in this moment.



She tried to shoo these thoughts away but it was a hard fight going on inside of her. As she realized that she couldn’t hide her upcoming sadness anymore she had to find another way to hide it.

She bent over to Jacob and tickled him. She saw that he enjoyed it just as much as she had enjoyed it before. As she stopped she was half lying on him and he caressed her back. Every touch of his hands on her left a burning streak.

She sighed as they looked at the clock. “Oh no” Jacob said. “It’s already time to return back home. But I don’t want to leave yet.” Finley didn’t answer but smiled at him before she gave him one last kiss before they left.



As they returned home Rose and Charlie were already waiting in the living room. Jacob winked at them and disappeared in his private section of the house.

“How was it? What have you done?” Rose and Charlie almost said at the same time. Finley just laughed and grinned. “Woah! You’re in love!” Charlie exclaimed.

Finley was shocked and tried to put the allegation down. “Why do you think I’m in love?” she asked as she realized she couldn’t deny it. Rose laughed: “Take a look in the mirror. Your cheeks are pink and you’re smiling all the time. You are definitely in love, honey.”

Finley wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it but she didn’t have the time to think about it too much because the girls were asking her tons of questions about the date. Should I tell them about the kiss or would this hurt them too much?



After almost an hour Charlie and Rose finally finished their inquiry and left Finley alone. She sighed and wanted to go into the kitchen to grab a late dinner. As she entered the dining room she saw Trecile in there.

Their eyes met and Finley knew she couldn’t escape anymore. “Did you kiss him?” Trecile just asked her. Finley didn’t know why but the way Trecile had asked this simple question felt like an insult.

“Why do you think I would tell you something like this?” she asked back a bit snappy. Wow, she didn’t even ask me how it was. She’s so selfish! Finley felt anger rise inside of her and tried to keep it low.

“Just answer my question: did you kiss him?” Trecile asked again without showing any emotion. Finley knew she looked arrogant as she said: “I didn’t kiss him. But maybe he kissed me?” Before Trecile could say anything Finley left the room. Dinner can wait.




Dear readers,

I hope you liked the first solo date! You wonder why I picked Finley for the first one on one? Well let me show you why:


The first romantic wish Jacob had for any of the girl was to kiss Finley (It’s in German but it means kiss Finley ^^). That’s why I decided to choose her for the first single date. 🙂


xoxo Sonschi


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