The Bachelor Challenge

Day 11: Party Time!

Before I start with the story itself, let me quickly tell you where the setting is from! I thought it was time to get out of the house again and downloaded “Tiki Bar” by simnopsis from the gallery. It’s a nice location!


d11-1After the last elimination night only four women were left in the house. As there were two bed rooms for them – one with three beds and one with four beds – Charlie came up with an idea.

She still shared her bed room with Trecile who was talking in her dreams way too often in Charlie’s opinion. Now that Iliana has moved out there should be two empty beds in the other bed room…



Even though it was still early in the morning Charlie walked over to the other bed room. As she knocked both Rose and Finley answered and welcomed her inside.

“Why are you up this early?” Rose asked her. Charlie sighed: “I can’t stand sleeping in the same room as Trecile anymore. She talks in her dreams almost every night and I barely get any sleep anymore!”

“Wow, that sounds pretty annoying. But hey, we have two free beds here. Why don’t you move over to us?” Finley offered. As Rose nodded Charlie laughed: “That’s actually the reason why I came over this early. I’m happy you’re offering it. I’ll quickly grab my stuff and bring it here.”



A few hours later everyone dressed up for a group date outside the house. Jacob had invited the girls to the Tiki Bar to get to know them even better.

“Welcome ladies! I hope you enjoy this amazing location as much as I do. We’re here to have fun and I’ll try to talk to everyone of you one on one!” he claimed.

The women were happy to see him again and couldn’t wait to talk to him. As Finley was sitting right next to him she asked: “How about we talk one on one right away?”



Jacob appreciated Finley for asking him first. They went away from the other three girls to talk. “I’m glad I still have the chance to get to know you even better” Finley said to Jacob.

“You’re an amazing woman and there is still so much left I want to know about you. But I think we’ve reached the point where it’s less about getting to know each other because we’ve already spent a lot of time together” Jacob answered.

He paused and took her hands: “Now that I know you all I need to find out with who I can imagine to spend the rest of my life.” Finley didn’t answer but looked deeply into his eyes.

As Jacob was the first man she had ever dated she didn’t know what to do next. She felt like kissing him but she wasn’t sure if it was the right time. Isn’t the first kiss supposed to come from the man?



After some more talking Jacob went back to the other girls. He saw Trecile and Charlie sitting at the bar and joined them. “I see you’ve ordered some drinks already. But maybe you want to come talk with me one on one, Charlie?” Jacob winked at her.

Trecile was disappointed that he asked Charlie. She was the one sitting right next to him but he seemed to look right through her and chose another woman over her.



Charlie and Jacob sat down on one of the tables. Charlie blushed as Jacob said: “I don’t know why but I can’t get enough of you. I’ve already told Finley that we’ve reached the point where I have to see who fits best into my life.”

“I can relate to that. I mean, we’re only four girls left and we’ve spend so much time together already. And after all the conversations you’ve had with us you know a lot already!” Charlie replied.



Trecile had been watching the two from the bar and was getting angrier with every second that passed. She decided to walk over to them and show Jacob that she’s worthier to talk to.

“Sorry, girl, but I think you’ve had enough time with him already. Let a real woman talk to him now” Trecile said rudely to Charlie. Out of shock Charlie didn’t know what to say.

She just got up and went over to Finley to tell her about Trecile’s behavior. Still she hoped Jacob would call her back and tell Trecile to wait until it’s her turn.



But instead Jacob stayed with Trecile. “What was that? Why do you have to be this rude?” he asked her a bit furiously. Trecile shrugged her shoulders and replied: “Well, I’m here to date you and not to watch you talk to unworthy beasts.”

Her answer left Jacob speechless. Is she showing her real face now? Is she only playing a game or is she just jealous? Jacob was only listening with one ear what Trecile was telling him.



As she was interrupted he brought back his whole attention to the situation. Finley was sitting on the table next to theirs and Charlie was standing behind her.

“Finley, please, you don’t have to do this. Jacob will know how to handle this!” Charlie said to her friend. “No, Charlie! Just because we all want Jacob doesn’t mean she’s allowed to be even ruder than in the house!” Finley replied.

She was furious and Jacob was even more attracted to her than before. Wow, she stands up for her friends and for fairness. What a tough woman!



Trecile just stared at Finley and didn’t say a word. She looked at Jacob and went on talking about her life as if Finley wasn’t there. Jacob interrupted her and told Finley that he would finish his conversation with Trecile and come back to them afterwards.

Jacob saw Trecile with different eyes now. He wasn’t quite sure if she was the girl he thought she was. Maybe Iliana was right after all and I sent the wrong one home?

He shooed his thoughts away and tried to concentrate on Trecile’s words. She was in the middle of a story about a day she had spent with her father: “And guess what he got me then? Bacon flavored cotton candy! Did you know this even exists? I didn’t but it tasted awfully!”



As promised Jacob finished the conversation with Trecile and went back to the others. He saw Rose sitting at the bar all on her own and he decided to join her.

“What are you up to?” he asked her as he took the seat to her right. “Oh, hey Jacob. I just thought I stay away from the drama that just occurred over at your table. I hope you’re okay?” Rose replied with a soft voice.

Jacob nodded: “I’m fine. I think I just learned more about those three than the whole days before. What are you drinking?” He tried to change the topic.

Rose was glad he did and answered: “I have to admit that I have no clue what this is called!” She raised her glass and looked at the drink. “The bartender said that’s the best drink they have and assured me I would like it. Well, she was right” Rose laughed and drank from the glass.



It was already time to go back to the house. Everyone was getting ready to return. Jacob and Rose got up from their chairs and before they went back to the others he said: “I’m glad you try to keep away from drama. I really can’t stand gossiping and tattletales.”

He stopped for a minute. “When I accepted the offer to be this seasons bachelor I knew that there would be some fights going on. And I’m not surprised that there are fights now. The more I hate this part the better it is to see the real person behind a face” he laughed and added: “Why do I tell you this right now?”



Back at the house everyone was caring for their own business. It was hours after the group date when Jacob came out of his private section and went over to the girls.

He was glad to find Rose, Charlie and Finley together because he wanted to ask them something that had captured his mind since they’ve returned from the Tiki Bar.

“Please be honest” he began. “I’ve seen and heard that all of you can’t stand Trecile. What about her makes you dislike her?” He looked into surprised faces.

Jacob was aware that no bachelor before him had ever asked such a question before. But he really wanted to know their honest opinions. He didn’t move and waited for at least one girl to answer his question.

Finally, Finley sighed and made the first step: “At first I did not dislike her. But we have to live in the same house with her and you see things you never wanted to see.”

Jacob was scared to hear some gross things but still he continued to listen. “She’s constantly talking to herself and the topics are just… I don’t know the right word for that. Well, they are inappropriate and scary!” Charlie said relieved.

Rose nodded. “I was friends with her from the first day but then I was told she was talking bad about me when I wasn’t around. That has hurt my feelings and I didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. A friend doesn’t do such a thing” she ended her complaint.

As soon as Jacob heard that Rose was told about Trecile’s gossiping his attention grew. His memory brought up the conversation he had with Trecile about the other girls in the house and he felt as if a puzzle was about to be solved. He thanked the girls and wished them a good night.




Dear readers,


I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did! Tune in next time to find out what Jacob has on his mind!


xoxo Sonschi


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Party Time!”

    1. It was too funny to play this day because almost all of those four ladies have the jealous trait 😀 Every time Jacob flirted just a tiny little bit with one all others went crazy ^^


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