The Bachelor Challenge

Day 10 – Result


Looking back at the last rose left Jacob knew the time was here to eliminate the third candidate in this show. “Trecile, Iliana. Would you two please come forward?” he asked the ladies.

As they were standing in front of him they couldn’t have been any sadder. Trecile had tears in her eyes and Iliana wasn’t smiling at all for the first time.

Jacob didn’t want the girls to suffer more than necessary and said quite away: “I’m sorry, Iliana. But I don’t have a rose for you tonight.” Iliana was shocked and couldn’t say a word.

Rose, Charlie and Finley were furious that Trecile was still in the show. They all knew that she was the one playing fake games but Jacob didn’t realize it.



“This means you get the chance to take the last rose, Trecile. Do you want it?” Jacob asked the crying woman. She nodded and hugged him before she took the rose.

At this moment Jacob wasn’t sure if he made the right decision. Just as Iliana had told him, tears ruin every make up. And Trecile’s make up showed where her tears had streamed down her face.



Dear readers,

As you can see there’s no tie this time. That also means you couldn’t vote for anyone. I hope you liked the chapter anyway!

Thank you very much barley57 for creating Iliana! It was fun playing her and her love for drama! ^^

And to prove that I’m telling the truth about the result:



I know it’s a bit hard to read this time. In case you can’t read it at all here are the numbers:

Trecile Echmore: (R) 26 (F) 48 = 74

Finley Sutton: (R) 24 + (F) 61 = 85

Charlie Isaacs: (R) 14 + (F) 56 = 70

Rose Wayfind: (R) 10 + (F) 64 = 74

Iliana Spars: (R) 5 + (F) 62 = 67


As you all know there has also been a survey on who YOU think will have to leave the house – Iliana and Trecile. Well, I had a screenshot of the result. But I managed to delete the survey and the screenshot before it was saved. SO SORRY!

But I can remember the result:

10 readers have voted and it was a tie. Each Iliana and Trecile had 5 votes.


Thank you for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



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