The Bachelor Challenge

Day 10: ELIMINATION #3 [4/7]


“Good morning, ladies! I hope you’re all ready for tonight’s third elimination. I thought you could need a great breakfast to start this day so I prepared a fruit salad for all of us” Jacob explained as all his ladies were sitting around him.

He wanted to chat with all together before he would talk to each other personally before the elimination. Trecile took the first word after him: “Oh Jacob, you would be such a great husband. I can’t wait until you kick out all the other girls and we can be together!”

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing at the moment and just stared at Trecile. Rose was the first to find her words again: “Woah, Trecile, once again you’re crossing your limits. Why can’t you just shut up sometimes?”

All the other girls were nodding to show they agreed with Rose’s opinion. Except Iliana, she tried to put on her poker face to look as neutral as possible.

“Iliana has a plan to get rid of all of you!” Trecile almost yelled as the words slipped over her lips. Everyone was shocked and stared at Iliana. She stared at her breakfast because she didn’t know what to answer.

Instead of her it was Finley who answered: “Trecile, honestly, what is wrong with you? Why do you claim Iliana is planning anything? I mean, it’s mean to do that because Jacob is sitting among us! Stop manipulating people around you, for plum’s sake!”



After noon the girls – without Trecile – were sitting in the living room discussing the happening during the breakfast. “Thank you, Finley, that you protected me from this weirdo! I hope Jacob knows now how she acts among us” Iliana said.

Finley just winked at her and smiled because Charlie took the lead: “Jacob just has to kick her out of the house after what she did this morning. She’s a danger for all of us. Why can’t he see that?”

Rose chuckled ironically: “Because she acts differently when she’s around him. I think this morning she forgot that he was among us. Good for us, bad for her I’d say.”



Before they could go on with their gossiping Trecile sat down beside Iliana. “You do know that I can hear everything you’re saying, right?” she asked the round.

She didn’t wait for an answer and went on: “You say I act different around him? You do so, too. And I’m not ashamed to say all of you are even worse than me. Especially you, Iliana. I trusted you.”

Rose wanted to say something but Trecile held up her and interrupted her before a single word could escape her mouth: “Woah, woah! Hold your breath. I know you feel like a queen because Jacob thought you’re noble. But the truth is, you’re only a trash queen. I’m sure Jacob will find out about it soon.”

Trecile winked at her, got up and went to the stairs. As she disappeared the girls were talking at the same time. Every single one of them was furious at Trecile.



Trecile took the time to search for Jacob. She found it’s time to tell him the truth. Jacob was on one of the patios on the third floor blowing bubbles.

“May I sit down and join you?” she asked him. Jacob looked up and smiled at Trecile: “I have a better idea. Why don’t we go over there and sit down on the couch? I think it’s cozier than these hard chairs.”


d10-5Downstairs, the girls had decided to put on a film to calm down their moods. They had agreed on a comedy and were watching it while they calmed down from Trecile’s words. What they didn’t know was that Trecile was talking to Jacob…



As Jacob sat down beside Trecile he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. “So, Trecile, what do you want to tell me?” he asked her.

Trecile enjoyed how close she was to Jacob at this moment before she explained: “I’m sure you remember what the girls said to me this morning. I was only joking and they attacked me. But that’s normal in this house. Everyone’s against me and I don’t know why.”

Trecile held her hand over her eyes because she didn’t want Jacob to see her tears. She told him everything that happened from the first day and how all the girls were against her.



About an hour later she returned to the living room and saw Iliana sitting on the couch. She joined her and grinned at her. “What’s the matter, Trecile?” she was asked.

Iliana didn’t know if Trecile still thought they were friends so she acted neutral. It’s always better to stay calm before you ruin a good plan.

“Well, I’ve talked to Jacob. I told him the truth about all of you. About your plans, your fake behavior and all that! And he believed me because I was crying!” Trecile grinned as she said the last sentence.

Iliana checked her face. Her make up didn’t look the least like she had been crying. “You’re a liar” she said after a while. “I’m curious what Jacob will say if he knows who you really are. I know your little secret, Trecile…”



In the late afternoon Jacob came up to the girls to announce he would talk to each of them in private now. He took Charlie’s hand and together they walked outside and sat down at the pool.

“I’m confused” Jacob started off. Charlie didn’t know what he meant and asked what was wrong. “A few hours ago Trecile came up to me and told me some stories about every single girl in the house. I don’t know if she’s exaggerating it or if she’s right. She said about you that you were a trouble maker and you were as cold as ice.”

Charlie was shocked: “But that’s not how I am! You can ask all the other girls. I’m not playing any role! I’m me and I’m the person you know. Well, I have to admit that I once or twice told Trecile to stop being mean to us but that’s it.”

Jacob looked deeply into Charlie’s eyes and knew that she was telling the truth. He smiled at her and they chatted about yesterday’s speed date. During their conversation Jacob put his arm around Charlie and she came closer to cuddle herself into his arms.



After Charlie Trecile showed up next to Jacob. He wanted to avoid talking about the other girls again so he started a conversation about his life.

Trecile was in a flirty mood and whatever Jacob told her she winked at him. After a while he asked her: “Trecile, are you drunk?” She laughed and answered: “Can you get drunk from love?”

Jacob noticed the one word she had mentioned. He wasn’t quite sure how to think about it as they had only known each other for ten days now. In their following chat they joked around and Jacob finally said: “You’re really fun to hang out with. But the other ladies are waiting for me. We’ll meet at the elimination.”



Of course Charlie had told the other girls about the cuddling. As it was Iliana’s turn to talk to Jacob she sat down very close to him right at the beginning. What she didn’t see was that he didn’t feel quite comfortable about it.

He moved away from her and looked her into the eyes. He tried to see what she was really doing in this show. Was she only here to become famous? What is it with the plan Trecile mentioned several times?

He knew he just had to ask Iliana what this all was about. He sighed and started: “Trecile has told me some… let’s say mean things about you. I’m not sure if everything’s right what she has said but I really need to know the truth.”

Jacob could see that Iliana was disappointed. He felt guilty for showing her he didn’t trust her anymore. “Well, Trecile acts weird all the time. I really don’t know why she claims I have a plan for whatever. She came up to me and told me she was talking to you about all of us. And I know she lied. You thought she cried, didn’t you?”

Jacob was surprised that Iliana knew about this. He just nodded and was curious to hear more. “She said that you would believe her because she had cried. I bet you’ve seen a woman crying before and I can tell you: tears destroy every make up! And hers wasn’t ruined. Enough said” Iliana finished her sentence and got up. She was angry at Jacob that he believed a liar like Trecile.



Jacob was a bit shocked about Iliana’s reaction. However, he could understand why she was angry. He didn’t trust her and he must have looked like he believed the gossiping of one girl.

He was caught in his thoughts as Finley sat down next to him. “Are you okay, Jacob?” she asked him. As he looked up he saw worried eyes looking at him.

He pushed away the guilty thoughts and smiled at her. At the same time he was a bit angry at himself because he missed her walking over to him. He loved how her hips were moving.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. Finley blushed a bit and put her head on his shoulder. For a while they were sitting in this position without speaking at all.

Even though Jacob knew he would ruin the atmosphere he asked: “Do you think there’s a woman or even more in the house with a wrong purpose?” Jacob thought Finley would react negatively to his question but she stayed relaxed.

“I’m sure about one girl and I have a bad feeling about another one. But I think it’s obvious who I’m talking about” Finley mumbled into his shoulder. Jacob shook his head: “For me it’s not obvious.”

Finley tried to look up to him without moving her head from his shoulder. As she saw his eyes she knew she had to be honest with him. She wasn’t the kind of girl who played games but at the same time she didn’t like to be a tattletale. Well, I’m here to find love not friends…



After telling him about the two women she mentioned before Finley got up and walked back inside. As she appeared in the kitchen she told Rose that it was her turn.

Happy, Rose walked outside and sat down beside Jacob. The night had already begun and it was a bit dark outside. The light came from the moon and the stars and also from the pool lights.

How romantic this is Rose thought and smiled at Jacob. He felt exactly the same and enjoyed the atmosphere with Rose. He knew he had to ruin it as well.

But before he did he pulled her close to him and they cuddled for a while. As he started talking he didn’t feel well: “I’m sorry to say this but a girl came up to me today and told me some of you are playing fake games with me. Who would you say are these girls?”

Rose stiffened and she moved away from Jacob. She looked at him and finally said: “I think all women in this house are really here because of you. But I think some of them try to knock out others with fake games as you called it. I won’t tell you who I think about but let me tell you one this: the one coming to the bachelor to gossip about the other candidates plays a fake game in most cases.”


d10-13The elimination night was only a few minutes left. Jacob was in his private bed room and looking at the pictures of the five ladies left. The conversations he had with the girls helped him a lot and he only had to decide between two girls. And soon he knew who would leave the house tonight.



For the first time as the bachelor he didn’t feel guilty or bad before the elimination night. Honesty was highly important for him and there was no place in his life for liars.

Jacob sat down on the ottoman and smiled. He knew he was on the right way to find the love of his life. He looked over his shoulder where the last four roses were standing. He got up from his seat and picked them up before he went to the living room.



As Jacob reached the living room the ladies were all dressed up and waiting for him. He looked at every single one of them and smiled. He felt great tonight and he knew the ladies felt the same.

He cleared his throat before he said: “Good night, ladies. You are all beautiful and I’m sorry to announce that one of you won’t be here tomorrow anymore.”

He looked in their faces and grabbed the first rose. He looked at it and after a while he began to speak: “This rose is for a woman you can bear a lot without complaining even once.”



He paused and smiled at said woman: “Finley, do you want this rose?” Finley walked up to him and took the rose. “Of course I want it!” she said and hugged Jacob.

Jacob smiled and went on to the next rose. “This one” he said. “This one is for a rich girl. You’re rich of beauty and lovely traits. Charlie, do you want this rose?”



Charlie went over to Jacob quickly and fell into his arms before he could hand the rose to her. Her mouth was close to his ear and she whispered: “Thank you that you still trust me. I swear I don’t play any fake games!”

As she returned to her place Jacob stared at the last two roses. He felt guilty because he couldn’t wait to kick out the fake game lady. But before he had to hand out the next to last rose.

“This rose is for a woman… Oh well, I’m only thinking about the same old pun again. Wait, I’ll come up with a better sentence in a few seconds” Jacob said and closed his eyes.



As he opened them again Rose was already standing in front of him. “I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer to get my rose” she laughed.

Even though Rose had stolen his chance to come up with a better line Jacob also laughed. “It’s okay, Rose. I assume you want it after all?” he asked and Rose accepted it. She hugged him before she returned to her place.



Dear readers,

you might have noticed that there are still two girls left but only one rose. At first I thought I would show you right away who has to leave the house but then I was asked if I would add a cliffhanger. Thank you for asking me because I haven’t thought about one at all! And here it is 😛

I don’t have a picture of the two girls left – it’s Trecile and Iliana – because the one I wanted to add in the post without a cliffhanger is kind of a spoiler. ^^

As there is no tie this time I won’t be able to make you vote who should stay and who should go. BUT I can make a little survey 🙂 *yay* You can find it here.


Thank you all for reading this chapter! I hope you liked it! The next to pictures will be the two girls left for the last rose and their stories.

xoxo Sonschi


Iliana.pngIliana’s family was always able to afford the nicer things in life. When her parents passed away, she had to learn how to fend for herself. At first, it was extremely hard for Lana to live, but after a while, she got used to having to wait for the things she wanted, even though it was still hard. You will usually find Lana belting out her favorite songs or hanging out at the bar. She absolutely loves musicals and aspires to one day be in one herself. One of her flaws is that she enjoys to start conflicts between others and loves to watch things go down. She will do anything she has to to get what she wants. Will she find her perfect man?



Did you believe that when she firstly appeared in my game she is a Twonie randomly generated by my computer? If your reaction is “You GOT to be kidding”, then I’m NOT surprise. I’m hardly believe myself. So HOW or WHERE myself do I find such a lovely young in the first place? Obviously, in a bar during Single’s Night happy hour. Yap… isn’t it obviouls? She is looking someone special. Like VERY SPECIAL. So basically I can’t take all the credit of “creating” her. My GAME “gives birth” to her and my job simply takes time give her fashion make over. Her story is a bit complex to make because she… Shhh… It’s a secret.

In recent background of her, she is raised by a police officer, her perfectionist trait is inherited from her dad who also like to get job done perfectly. Trecile, raise in single family, she does have a wonderful childhood, in fact that’s how her goofball trait developed when she was a teen. HOWEVER!!! TRAGEDY befalls on Trecile’s LAST DAY of her teenage hood, her dad died on duty. During the day he dies, he prepares a special formal night gown, for Trecile’s prom night/high school graduation party and birthday. That dress holds a very SYMBOLIC meaning of her secret that only her father and she know. The dress is meant to encourage her not to be afraid to show her true self but ironically becomes the trigger point of her having an insane trait, only talk to herself for social need. Her father’s death devastate her too much because he is the ONLY person who knows her true identity as secret, such a secret is also a bond that keeps her father very close.

The Big Question is would Jacob be the Mr Right that can help Trecile to show her true self and wear that gown once more? or would Trecile make a biggest mistake ever in her life?


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