The Bachelor Challenge

Day 9: Speed Dating!


The new day was dawning and the ladies couldn’t wait to see the bachelor again. They had enjoyed their free day but still they missed Jacob. Charlie was still in the bathroom getting ready as all the other girls were having breakfast together.

Rose wasn’t happy that Trecile was joining them. She knows we can’t stand her. Why does she always have to provoke us?! She tried to blend out the sight of Trecile and every word she said even though the dark haired woman hadn’t said a word the whole morning.

Until now: “Well, I think you all should know that Iliana told me the truth about all of you! She said that you and …” Before she could go on Iliana interrupted her: “Eh, what are you talking about?”

Iliana kicked Trecile’s leg under the table because she wanted her to keep silent. Don’t. Ruin. My. Plan. Trecile did understand the message but she had already said a bit too much.

As Trecile had been pointing at Finley when she was talking, Finley wanted to know what was going on: “What have I done? Are you even talking to us or to yourself again?” She rolled her eyes and put down her coffee. “Guess what. I don’t want to be in the same room as you anymore. I leave. Rose?” she looked at her friend who got up and followed her out of the dining room.

Now that they were on their own Iliana could tell Trecile why she kicked her: “You almost ruined everything, Trecile! You need to be more careful if you want it to work out right!”

Trecile nodded. “They should think I’m their friend” she just said. Iliana winked at her and smiled. Wow, is she blind or naive? Why does she think all the others might think she’s their friend? Well, better for me.


d9-2As always, Jacob didn’t recognize the least of what was going on among the ladies. He had had his breakfast way earlier than the girls because he wanted to see their excitement when they would see him again later.

He had gotten ready for today and looked at the clock. Only a few minutes left until I see them again. Oh well, I forgot to think about a question. Again.

He looked at the pictures of all the ladies left in the house. Seeing their pretty faces, he tried to come up with a question he could ask them on their third speed date.

Finally, he had a great idea and wanted to write it down, just in case he would forget it again. But then he remembered where the dates would be and he sighed. He knew the ladies were already waiting so he walked upstairs and kept repeating his question over and over again in his head.



As soon as he reached the Jacuzzi – most popular place in the house – he undressed and climbed into it. Why did I dress up and tried to look sharp when the hot water and steam will ruin all efforts within seconds?

His thought distracted him a bit too much. He only recognized the first date as she was already sitting next to him. “Hey Iliana! Welcome back to another round of speed dating. You know what will come now?” he winked at her.

She laughed and said: “A question I will be pleased to answer!” He nodded. For a short time he almost panicked because he had forgotten his question. He just stared at Iliana and finally confessed: “You won’t believe it but your beauty is too distracting me that I forgot my question.”

Iliana laughed and pushed Jacob a bit: “You’re just making fun of me. I bet you know what you want to know from me now.” She looked into his eyes and he couldn’t think anymore at all.

Iliana put her hands on his eyes and said: “I help you not getting distracted again and you try to remember the question.” Jacob laughed as well because her idea sounded too funny to work.

After a few seconds his question popped up in his head again. “Your plan worked, Iliana! Thank you! Now, let’s come to the question. It might sound a bit weird but I think it’s interesting when you think about it. Imagine we would be married and you were pregnant with our first child. But it turns out to be triplets. Would you give up your career to care for our babies?” he looked at her and watched her face change many times.

It took Iliana some time to find an answer: “Well, I’ve never told anyone about this but I love musicals. I’ve been dreaming about being in a musical since I was a little girl. But I think as long as our family planning will only start after my dream would have been fulfilled I’m free to be a stay at home mom for our babies.”

Jacob smiled at her while Iliana was climbing out of the Jacuzzi. He liked the way she talked about their babies as if they were already born. But he was a bit scared that this moment would take a lot more time to come than he had thought because of her dream.




As soon as Iliana disappeared Trecile turned up. She smiled at him and jumped into the Jacuzzi. As she had found her place by his side he told her the same question – including his little introduction – and waited for her answer.

As she was thinking about it Jacob tried to read from her face but he failed. After a while she opened her mouth: “Is it okay if I answer your question in detail?”

As Jacob nodded she began to tell her story: “I think that your past always has an impact on who you turn out to be and what your life will look like. I’ve never known my own mother and that’s why I have a special connection to my father. Well, I had. He was my best friend. Can you believe he sewed a dress just for my prom? I mean, not many men can sew and he created a whole dress. A very special one. A dress that showed my mother’s origin. And also mine. But I’m too scared to tell you about it yet. I don’t want to sound like I don’t trust you but it’s not easy to talk about this…”

Even though Trecile hadn’t answered his question yet he didn’t interrupt her at all. The fact that she was telling him all this showed him that she trusted him.

Trecile sighed before she went on: “It was the prom night as my father died. He had called a cab for me to get to the prom and I thought he would be waiting for me to return. Well, I did. Earlier than expected. But it was already too late. As I opened the front door and called his name he didn’t answer. And then I found him: in the living room in his favorite arm chair. He looked as if he was sleeping but he was dead.”

Jacob was too shocked to react to her words. He wanted to hold her and comfort her but he felt as if her words had turned him into stone. Trecile noticed how uncomfortable Jacob was and quickly added: “Oh no! You don’t need to feel guilty or sorry for me! I just told you about this so you can understand my answer.”

Jacob was relieved that she didn’t mind his weird reaction to her past. He smiled at her – he felt like he couldn’t speak – and Trecile finally answered his question: “Well, as my father died of old age I think it’s better to become parents at a young age. But at the same time you really need to know your partner before you start a new family. I mean, it’s hard growing up without knowing who your mother is and asking yourself all the time why she left you. I think the same goes for the father figure.”

As Trecile left the patio to let the next date have a chance on him he was glad about the outturn of this conversation. He had learned a lot more about Trecile.




The next girl to come was Charlie. She smiled as soon as she saw Jacob in the Jacuzzi. As she joined him she winked at him before he could as his question.

“Oh wow, that’s a hard question” she said as soon as he asked it. She watched the water in the tub while she was thinking about her answer. “You know I come from a wealthy family and that I’ve spent the last few months travelling around the world. I haven’t thought about my career yet, honestly. My mother is a stay at home mom or at least she was as I was still younger. It’s kind of a tradition in our family. I think – at least as long as the finances allow it – that I would follow my family’s steps and be a stay at home mom. Well, of course in case I find a loving husband who wants to have kids with me!”

Her words reminded him of his friends’ warnings not to fall for a girl who only wanted his money. Charlie didn’t plan to work as long as she didn’t have to but she had enough money on her own. Wow, I never knew I was old fashioned but I like the thought about my wife being a stay at home mom…



Rose was sitting next to Jacob in the Jacuzzi and was smiling at him as he asked her his question: “Just imagine we were married and happily waiting for our first baby to be born. But instead of one baby we get three. Would you give up your career to be a stay at home mom and care for our triplets?”

Just as all the other girls before her, Rose had to think about this question for some time. Jacob knew it wasn’t an easy one so he let everyone have enough time to think about it.

“You know that I want to be a journalist one day. If I work freelance I think it wouldn’t be a problem to pause my career for our triplets. But I don’t want to be a stay at home mom my whole life. As soon as the kids are old enough – let’s say kindergarten – I will work again. At first only part time of course!” she said and seemed to be happy about her answer.

Rose walked away after their conversation and Jacob thought about her answer. Even though she wanted to be a working mom he liked her answer. As long as she’s happy I’m happy.



The last speed date that day was Finley. Her hips were swinging from one side to the other as she walked to Jacob. His eyes followed every step she took towards him and he helped her into the Jacuzzi.

“Thank you, Jacob. You’re a real gentleman. So, tell me your question. After all you made me wait the longest” she winked at him and smiled to show him she was just joking.

After he had asked her his question she looked at him: “Well, while I think about how I would react in this situation you could think about your part in this scenario. I’m curious why you think the woman has to stay at home with the kids.”

Jacob laughed at her confident reply: “It’s not that I think the woman always has to stay at home with the kids. My job as the CEO of my own company makes it hard to stay at home. But I would definitely hire an assistant I can delegate as much work as possible so I can spend more time with my family.”

Finley almost squealed: “Oh, your answer is so romantic! Well, I hope my answer will fit to yours. My dream job is music composer. And I think I wouldn’t have to end my career for our babies because I could easily work from at home.”

Jacob was a bit worried: “But don’t you think you would have too much to do at the same time? I don’t want to say you should quit your job but I want my wife to be happy after all.”

Finley smiled at him. “Oh, silly, silly Jacob. You know I have five older brothers I had to take care of. Yes, as the youngest child I had to care for my older brothers. I had to do almost all the house work because my mother had three jobs and was barely at home. And still I was an A student in school. Don’t worry, I’m a tough woman. I think I would even be bored if I had less work” she finished her explanation.



All the speed dates were over and the night was coming up. Jacob has returned to his private section in the house to think about all the conversations he had this day.

Charlie, Rose, Finley and Iliana had a little meeting in the dining room. They saw that Trecile was in the gym working out. Iliana was sitting across all the other three girls. She felt as if she was about to be interrogated.

Finally, Rose started to talk: “Iliana, there are some things we need to talk about with you. First of all, what is going on between you and Trecile?”

Iliana tried to make an innocent face: “What do you mean? Oh, because I have been talking to her recently? Well, that’s part of my plan.” All three girls glared at her. They had the same thought and Charlie said it out loud: “So you finally came up with one? Why don’t you tell us everything about it? In detail.”



As the meeting was over the girls got up and walked away. A few minutes later Trecile came down from the second floor. After her work out she needed a shower and now she felt great.

As she walked into the kitchen she saw Jacob preparing dinner. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were in here” Trecile excused her and wanted to leave but Jacob stopped her.

“No, stay, please. It’s okay that you’re in here. I’m not doing anything that no one should know about. If you want you can join me and we can chat a bit” he offered.

Trecile took the time to talk about her secret. “I told you before that I have this secret I’m not ready to tell you or anyone else. It’s not that I don’t trust you but this secret…” she interrupted herself because she didn’t know how to explain it.

Jacob took her hands and looked into her eyes: “Trecile, today you showed me that you trust me. You really don’t have to tell me anything as long as you’re not ready for it.”





Dear readers,

Thank you for reading this chapter! I hope you like it even though no drama is included. At least in this chapter. 😉

Stay tuned 🙂


xoxo Sonschi


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