The Bachelor Challenge

Day 8: Free Day


The result from the latest elimination shocked most of the girls. While many of them got over it after some minutes Rose was furious. “Why on earth would he kick out Velma and Trecile can stay?” she asked her friend Charlie.

Charlie answered: “You’re totally right! I don’t understand it either. I hope Iliana tells us her plan soon. I can’t wait to get rid of Trecile. She’s such a freak. Why does she always act so weird?”

Rose didn’t answer but shrugged her shoulders. Everyone in the house felt that something wasn’t normal about Trecile. But no one wanted to ask her because they didn’t want to have to chat with her.



The next morning was the beginning of the shows very first free day. Some girls used it to stay in bed a bit longer. But Iliana and Finley were already up having breakfast together.

“Seriously, Iliana, when do you tell us your plan?” Finley whispered to Iliana. She had heard noises in the living room and didn’t know who it might be.

Iliana sighed before she replied: “I was focused on the elimination all the time and I haven’t come up with one yet. But I promise I will tell you all about it as soon as it is done.” Great, now I have to bring up a plan and I even don’t know what I could say! All I wanted was a little drama in the house…

As soon as Iliana had finished her sentence Trecile came into the room. She grabbed a plate of eggs and bacon and sat down next to the other two girls.

Of course she recognized their glaring and after she had finished her dish she said: “You know what I really don’t get? How you, Finley, treat me like this. I’ve never done or said anything mean to you.” Without waiting for an answer she got up and went away.



Finally, everyone in the house was awake all the girls – except for Trecile – decided to use the Jacuzzi.

“You won’t believe what happened this morning while you and Rose were still asleep!” Iliana started the conversation. Charlie looked at her wondering what it might be.

Instead of Iliana Finely went on: “Trecile dared to ask me why I can’t stand her even though she has never done anything to me.” Rose and Charlie simultaneously rolled their eyes.

“Wow, she needs to be stopped as soon as possible” Rose answered. “Iliana, what about your plan?” Everyone was looking at Iliana. She felt like diving into the Jacuzzi because she had to admit that she hadn’t thought about it yet.



Trecile was standing on the inside of the house and was eavesdropping the whole time. Why me? What have I done to them that they talk this bad about me?

She thought about going outside and joining them in the Jacuzzi. She knew just being near them would bother them. But she threw this idea away. As she walked towards the stairs to get to the first floor again she saw Jacob on the other patio.

He was sitting with his back to the window so he couldn’t see her looking at him. Should I just go over and tell him about everything? Or is it too soon? I could tell him what the girls are doing to me. But I don’t want to be a tattletale…

Instead she decided to go downstairs without talking to anyone.



Trecile felt alone and lonely in this huge house. There were five other people around her but the girls hated her and she didn’t know why and she wasn’t quite sure how much Jacob liked her.

I did get a rose yesterday. But why was it the last one? Will he kick me out of his house, his mind and his heart on the next elimination? Her worried thoughts brought back the memory of her prom night. The sudden pain she felt inside her almost made her cry. I miss you, daddy.



As it was a free day Jacob decided to leave the girls on their own. He knew how hard it was to always try to impress someone and so he gave them a pause from him.

As he was on the same floor – the third floor – as the girls he was happy to hear them chatting on the patio with the Jacuzzi. Oh I really want to join them. But I want to stay away from them today. Everyone needs a break.

He watched the girls through a window having fun for a minute before he decided to use the other patio. He had seen the bubble blower before and wanted to find out what it was like to blow some bubbles.

Wait, there were only four girls in the Jacuzzi. Who was missing? Trecile… I wonder where she is and what she’s doing. His thoughts distracted him and he blew some bubbles out in a weird way that made him cough.

After he was finally able to take a deep breath again he decided to do something else. He went over to the gym and started working out. Ah, much better!



Iliana was the last one in the Jacuzzi. Rose, Charlie and Finley had gone down to eat lunch but she wasn’t hungry. As she got bored she climbed out of the Jacuzzi. This was when she recognized Trecile staring at her.

A bit scared she asked her: “What are you doing here?” Trecile stared at her for a few seconds before she said: “I need to know what I’ve done to all of you. And I thought you might be the nicest one and probably the only one who will help me.”

Iliana smiled. Not because she wanted to comfort Trecile but an idea popped up in her mind. “I have to admit that I can’t understand why the others treat you like this. I’m sorry to tell you I was too scared to help you because one or two of the girls – I’m too scared to tell you their names – can be mean!”

As they heard laughter coming from the backyard they looked down and saw Finley and Rose sitting by the fire and grilling some sausages. Iliana went back to Trecile and whispered: “We should go somewhere where they can’t hear us! If they hear us talking they will do something to us. I don’t know what but they already plan to do it to you…”



As the other patio in the third floor was empty they decided to sit down on one of the couches there. “Please, tell me everything you know! Who are the mean ones? What do they want to do to me?” Trecile asked Iliana with panic crawling up inside her.

Iliana cleared her throat before she explained: “I don’t know what they want to do to you but they always speak about a plan. I can find out what that is and tell you if you want.”

Trecile just nodded and Iliana went on: “The mean girls are definitely Charlie and Finley! Honestly, they think you’re the biggest competitor in this show for both of them. And Rose is just a follower re-echoing everything they say.”

Trecile thought about Iliana’s words. She could understand that Rose was just a follower. They had been friends right from the beginning until Rose acted weird. And that’s when all of this started…

Suddenly, Trecile had an idea: “But are you sure Rose is just a follower? For me it feels like she is the reason for all the hate against me.” Iliana thought about it. “Maybe you’re right” she replied. “I don’t hang around them too much to be one hundred percent sure who the troublemaker is.”



While Trecile and Iliana were outside on the patio talking about all the other girls, Charlie was watching them from a window. She could hear every word the two girls were saying and was shocked.

What the plum is Iliana doing here?! Is she on her side now? Or is this just part of her plan? Charlie wasn’t sure what to think about her and decided that she would talk to Finley and Rose about what she had just seen.



About an hour ago, Rose and Finley were grilling sausages at the fireplace in the backyard. They were talking about last night’s elimination. “I kind of miss Velma. Why did she have to go?” Rose wondered.

“Do you think it was because of her glasses? She once told me that Jacob didn’t like them but she thought it would be enough when he saw her without glasses in the Jacuzzi. And she also wasn’t wearing her glasses on the first group date! No, I don’t think it was the glasses” Finley answered her own question.

“Maybe” Rose began her sentence. She paused before she went on: “Maybe Trecile can manipulate the people around her. I mean, she’s a freak. Maybe there’s a reason why she’s a freak. I once heard someone say that weird creatures hide and live among us in disguise! Back then I thought he was a freak, just like Trecile!”

Finley was only listening with one ear. “I’m sorry. I only heard half of what you just told me. But listen. There’s someone talking on the patio. Is this Trecile’s voice?” she asked.

Both stayed quiet for some time and listened. They could clearly hear two different voices. Rose and Finley glared at each other. “It’s Trecile. And another female voice” Rose said. “Iliana” Finley whispered.



Later that day Rose and Charlie ran into each other in the living room. “I need to tell you something!” both said at the same time. They laughed and waited for the other to begin.

“I need to tell you something I’ve heard today!” Rose began. As she saw Trecile sitting in the next room and talking to herself again she decided to whisper: “Finley and I were in the backyard as we heard Iliana and Trecile talking on the patio. But we couldn’t understand a word!”

Charlie leaned over to Rose and said with her eyes wide open: “I’ve seen them on the other patio and they were talking about us! I could understand every single word!”

“I think Trecile is manipulating Iliana! We need to help her!” Rose whispered as loud as she could. Charlie just shook her head. “No, it’s not Trecile manipulating Iliana. It’s the other way around. I’m not sure but I think Iliana is playing a fake game with all of us!”

The two girls exchanged some serious faces before they went on with what they wanted to do before they ran into each other.



Charlie went upstairs and Rose wanted to go outside and do a few laps in the pool. But as she waved after Charlie and turned around Trecile was standing next to her.

Rose almost shrieked because Trecile had sneaked up to her very quietly. “What do you want?” she asked her a bit rude. Trecile just smiled and didn’t say a word for a while.

“Well, I know now who you really are” Trecile began with a voice that gave Rose the chills. Oh plum, is this freak going to kill me now?! Rose felt panic rise inside of her and tried to look around without Trecile noticing. She couldn’t see anyone near them.

“What do you want from me?” Rose asked again trying to hide her fear. Trecile just laughed and walked away leaving Rose with a shudder running down her spine. What a freak! She needs to get out of this house!



After the conversation with Trecile Rose really needed the cool water from the pool. She did some lapses and sun bathed for about an hour afterwards.

As the sunset began she got up and moved inside. She really enjoyed that free day and had already forgotten about Trecile’s weird words. She went to the dining room and turned on her favorite music to dance to.

Rose didn’t notice Trecile watching her from the living room. Trecile turned away from her competitor and looked back at the TV screen. It was black because she hadn’t turned it on.

Trecile had a diabolic smile on her face because she knew what would happen soon. Iliana would help her and together they would achieve something the other girls would never think of.




Dear readers,

Once again we’ve reached the end of the latest chapter. I hope you like it!


xoxo Sonschi


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