The Bachelor Challenge

Day 7 – POLL Results

Dear readers!

Welcome back to the Bachelor Challenge. When we last left there was once again a tie at the elimination night. And NOW I’m going to show you the results you all have waited for. (Once again a very short chapter)



Jacob hadn’t spoken a single word for a few minutes already. What if my decision is wrong? I don’t know her well enough to know if she might be my soulmate…

He closed his eyes because all six girls staring at him waiting for an answer put even more pressure on him. He took a deep breath and as he opened his eyes they were looking at Trecile.

“I really can’t explain it but there’s something about you I just can’t resist. And I’m still curious to find out. Trecile, do you want my last rose tonight?” he asked her with nervously.



Here is the evidence that Trecile won the poll.

Thank you for all the votes and thank you, lejoninna, for creating Velma.




Trecile was relieved. She smiled at Jacob and nodded: “Yes, I really want this rose. And I’m thankful that you trust me.” After her last sentence she added a wink.

Not only this little wink but also the fact that Trecile was still around made most girls furious. Rose and Charlie barely could hide their feelings while Iliana put on her poker face smile. She knew that Trecile staying meant she could spread some more chaos in the house.

Finley was just shocked. Shocked because Velma had to leave the house forever. Shocked that Jacob couldn’t see the real Trecile. Was he really the man she thought he was?




Dear readers,

That’s already the end of this chapter. I hope you like the result of the poll (after all it’s your votes ^^).

Tune in next time to see if the drama around Trecile settles down or gets even worse!

xoxo Sonschi


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