Day 7: ELIMINATION 2! [5/7] + POLL!


The day of the next elimination began early for some of the contestants. Jacob was already up even before the sun was rising. He wandered around the first floor to see if some of the girls are early birds or if all are still in bed.

The first woman he met was Charlie. She was still in her night gown but dancing to the music coming from the stereo. “Good morning, Charlie!” Jacob greeted her. “Why are you already awake?”

Charlie was surprised to see the bachelor standing next to her. She blushed a bit and answered: “Good morning, Jacob! I think I’m nervous because of tonight’s elimination and couldn’t sleep any longer. But I’m not the only one. Velma is up, too.”



Jacob wondered where Velma could be. At first he wanted to go upstairs to see if she was in the gym but Charlie pointed out that Velma was in the backyard.

As Jacob went outside he found her swimming in the pool. He walked over to where she would end up next and smiled at her: “Good morning, Velma! You’re the earliest early bird I’ve ever known!”

He laughed and hoped she wouldn’t splash water at him. “Haha, good morning, Jacob!” she answered. “I am an early bird but I usually tend to sleep a bit longer than today. But you look like you wanted to work out, am I right?”



Jacob wanted to reply to Velma’s question but a noise inside the house distracted him. He excused himself and walked towards the noise. As he went inside again he met two other girls who were already awake.

“… Again, leave me alone! I don’t care what all of you think of me! You’re just jealous! Go away!” Trecile yelled. Jacob was a bit angry to see the same person making trouble again. And according to Iliana’s confused face he assumed it was Trecile who started the fight. Again.



He tried to cheer up Iliana with a smile and pulled Trecile aside. He needed to talk to her. “Trecile, why are you yelling at the other girls again?” he asked a bit annoyed.

Trecile didn’t seem to bother his tone. She was happy because she could speak to him in private. “Good morning, darling. How did you sleep last night? I bet you missed me” she purred.

Jacob was embarrassed because he wasn’t in the mood for such a conversation at all. “Listen, Trecile. I don’t want any fights or yelling in this house. If you don’t get along with any other girl just avoid her. That’s the last time I want to talk about this with you” he almost growled as he said the last sentence.



Finally the sun was up and the day began for all the girls. Trecile’s mood was higher than ever because without a date or anything else Jacob pulled her aside to talk to her. I bet everyone who saw us was getting even more jealous. She grinned.

At the same time Iliana passed by her and according to the look she threw at Trecile she was in the opposite mood. She was angry because instead of comforting her for being yelled at for no reason Jacob preferred to talk to Trecile. How can someone like a freak like her?! We need to get rid of her…



Iliana met Velma and Charlie in the kitchen. “Why did the freak yell at you earlier this morning?” Charlie asked her still in shock. Iliana shrugged her shoulders: “I don’t know. At first I think she was talking to herself again but then it was me she faced. It was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. I was scared she would attack me!”

Velma kept silent the whole conversation. She was too deep into her own thoughts to listen to the other two girls. As they were finished she finally said: “Lana, I guess it’s time you tell us your plan. I don’t want anyone’s life harmed by the freak. She needs to leave as soon as possible.”



Iliana admitted that she hadn’t come up with a plan so far but she promised to think about it. Later – the sun was already going down – Iliana, Charlie and Rose were having a chat outside by the pool as Jacob showed up next to them.

“Ladies, I already told the others. It’s time to get ready for the elimination. If you excuse me now…” he winked at them. He seemed a bit tired because he woke up way too early this morning.


d7-8About two hours later all the ladies – dressed up for the occasion – were gathering around Jacob in the dining room. “Ladies” he nodded at them. “Tonight you all look gorgeous as always. It already breaks my heart just thinking about eliminating one of you in a few hours. But before, I want to talk to all of you in private. Right after that I will withdraw to make a decision.”



Jacob had decided to have the private talks at the sitting area in the backyard. The upcoming night and the lamps hanging from the tree made the location romantic.

The first lady he wanted to talk to was Rose. After the speed date the day before another question had come up in his mind. As they sat down he went straight on: “Rose, yesterday you told me that trust is the most important thing for you in a relationship because of your past. I have been wondering since then, can you easily trust a person or are you more skeptical?”

Rose touched his arm and laughed: “Oh Jacob, if I was skeptical I wouldn’t have joined this show, would I?” Her smile made him feel a warmth inside his body.



Jacob brought Rose back to the house and asked Finley to follow him. They sat down and this time it was Finley to start a conversation: “I haven’t seen you blush because of me today.”

Jacob laughed because he really appreciated Finley’s funny and always happy attitude. “Only an independent and strong woman can make me blushed” he winked at her.

Their conversation went on in a great mood. As the night became even darker Jacob said: “I think I have to let you go now. The other ladies want to have a chance to talk to me today, too. Would you please send Iliana over?”



As Iliana arrived at where Jacob was waiting for her he had to grin. “You’re wearing that wedding dress again” he joked. Iliana sat down beside him and looked at him. She tried to make a serious face but after a few seconds she burst out laughing.

She had to laugh so hard that a tear ran down one of her cheeks. She wiped it away and sighed: “I’m sorry. Well, I’m still waiting for your proposal. Until then I won’t change from this dress!”

Both of them almost cracked down laughing. As Jacob met Iliana for the very first time he had never thought they would have that much fun just because of a dress. They haven’t talked much yet and they even haven’t had one serious topic at all but Jacob was glad that he could let himself fall when Iliana was around. “Lana, I’m always happy to hang out with you” he said.



After a while they heard a cough outside the sitting area. “I think the next woman wants to spend some time with you” Iliana smiled at Jacob and walked away. As she saw for who she had to leave the bachelor behind she was angry.

Trecile had a triumphal expression on her face as she watched Iliana go back to the house. Only after she had seen her enter the house did she walk over to Jacob and sat down.

Jacob was nervous because he didn’t know how Trecile felt after he had scolded her this morning. For some time he didn’t say a word and also avoided looking at her. He could feel that she was glaring at him the whole time but didn’t bother to start the conversation.

“How are you today?” he asked her after a while. He dared to look at her and was relieved that she seemed to be in a happy mood. “I’m perfectly fine! I can’t wait to receive my rose today” she answered.

Her answer made Jacob curious: “Do you think you know who will have to leave tonight?” Trecile snickered and replied: “I know that all of them – except me of course – will have to leave during this show. I don’t really care who has to leave first but it would be a relief for me if Finley had to go.”



After the conversation with Trecile Velma followed. As she sat down she said: “Now you’ll get some contrastive program. First a weird and mysterious talk and now a coherent and interesting one.” As Jacob only smiled back at her she went on: “I know. You wanted to see me without my glasses. But I couldn’t find my contact lenses so I had to put on this thing again. Next time, I promise!”

Jacob believed her and because of the first thing she mentioned he asked her: “So you don’t seem to like Trecile?” Velma tried to find the correct words because she didn’t want to sound mean talking about another girl in front of Jacob. “Well, you saw how she treated Lana this morning. Most of us are scared of her already. I try to avoid her most of the time” she finally confessed.



Last but not least it was Charlie’s turn to talk to Jacob. Before she even sat down she began: “I’m sorry if I seem a bit crazy today!” She plumped onto the couch next to Jacob and giggled. “Just like you – and you probably remember that as well – I was up way too early today. And – I’m not drunk, don’t worry – I was tired a few hours ago so I have been drinking like a thousand mugs of coffee until now. And I think the caffeine just kicked in a few seconds ago.”

Jacob had to smile as her words brought back up the image of her standing in a short black nightgown in front of her. He felt his cheeks turn red but he didn’t mind it at all. He felt comfortable around Charlie.

“I hope you can forgive me that I made you wait until the last rose last elimination! I liked the thought of teasing you a bit” he said. They went on talking about the last elimination night until they noticed how late it had become.



Jacob had come to a decision. He saw the ladies waiting in the living room but he needed a few minutes for himself before he went over to them.

He knew that they could see him but he didn’t mind and sat down on the couch in front of the door to his private section of the house. He went through all the pictures hanging in his bedroom again.



One of these pictures would be gone in a few hours together with one of the girls. He was friends with all of them by now and everyone was unique in her own way.

He was aware that drama was going on in the house and he knew the troublemaker quite well. Should she leave so the drama comes to an end? But what if someone’s just abusing her as a marionette?



He took a deep breath before he got up and went over to where the roses were laid. [I forgot to change the one rose with the vase full of many roses, I’m sorry ^^]

Jacob looked at all the girls and he could read in their eyes that everyone was sure she wouldn’t be the one who would have to leave tonight. Let’s start this and get over it…

Jacob coughed before he announced the first girl to get a rose: “I always try to improvise what I would say to you when I ask you to take my rose. But with you I always want to make a pun because of your name. I hope you can forgive my lack of creativity and still accept it, Rose?”



She walked over to him and laughed: “Don’t worry. I’m not mad at anyone who makes puns with my name. A rose is a beautiful flower so how can someone be mad about it? Oh, and of course I want that rose!”

As Jacob had handed the rose to the contestant he tried to explain the next lady to get a rose: “The second rose tonight is for a woman where I feel comfortable around.”

These words made more women get excited but as he went on only one was still smiling: “You’re also a very tough girl who knows that it means to have responsibility for someone or something else beside yourself. Finley, do you want this rose?”



“Yes, yes, yes! Of course I want it” Finley squealed from the couch. She jumped up and went over to Jacob to receive her rose. She hugged him thankfully and returned to her place with an even brighter smile on her face than before.

As Jacob picked up the next rose he had to chuckle. “I’m sorry. Thinking about our funny conversation made me laugh again. I guess you know who I mean. Lana, do you want this rose?” he asked her.



She walked over to him – still her seductive walk she showed him on day one – and smiled at him. “Of course. I’m always thankful to get a rose from you, Jacob.”

While Iliana went back to her seat Trecile was getting scared. Due to her fight this morning she had been sure that one of them would have to leave. And she knew it had to be Iliana. He even called her by her nickname…

“Last elimination night you received the last rose. I know I should have given you the first one today as an excuse but I like teasing you a bit. Charlie, do you take this rose?” Jacob winked at her.



As she was standing in front of him Charlie said: “At least it’s not the last one again.” She hugged him and went back to her place. As she sat down she smelled the rose’s scent and smiled.

Only one rose was left but two girls without one. The air in the room was tense because of who didn’t have one yet. Everyone was looking at them and some of them even hoped for a special person to leave tonight.



“Velma, Trecile. Would you both please come here?” Jacob asked the last two candidates. They walked over to him and stopped in front of him.

Velma had a smile on her face. She knew that being eliminated as the second wouldn’t mean that the world wouldn’t end. She was still young and had many chances left to find a man for her own.

Trecile was almost crying. Why is he doing this to me? I thought we’re meant to be together forever? Trecile’s whole body was shaking. Deep inside herself she knew it wasn’t her fault that she had to wait for the last rose now.


d7.23 (table).png

SURPRISE! Once again we have a tie between the last two. As you can see on this table Trecile and Velma have the same relationship points with Jacob. Well, of course you have to count them together ^^

Rose: 63

Finley: 59

Iliana: 57

Charlie: 51

Velma: 49

Trecile: 49


This means another POLL will be held. It’s up to you – again – you will stay and who will leave. You can find it here.



That’s the end of day 7. I hope you like it and maybe there will be as many votes as last time on the poll!
Thank you all for reading!

xoxo Sonschi


PS: Here are now the stories of the two ladies for the poll.




In recent background of her, she is raised by a police officer, her perfectionist trait is inherited from her dad who also like to get job done perfectly. Trecile, raise in single family, she does have a wonderful childhood, in fact that’s how her goofball trait developed when she was a teen. HOWEVER!!! TRAGEDY befalls on Trecile’s LAST DAY of her teenage hood, her dad died on duty. During the day he dies, he prepares a special formal night gown, for Trecile’s prom night/high school graduation party and birthday. That dress holds a very SYMBOLIC meaning of her secret that only her father and she know. The dress is meant to encourage her not to be afraid to show her true self but ironically becomes the trigger point of her having an insane trait, only talk to herself for social need. Her father’s death devastate her too much because he is the ONLY person who knows her true identity as secret, such a secret is also a bond that keeps her father very close.

The Big Question is would Jacob be the Mr Right that can help Trecile to show her true self and wear that gown once more? or would Trecile make a biggest mistake ever in her life?


d7.25 (Velma).png

Velma grew up in Oasis Springs with her mother and father. Her mother was the chief in town. Her father was a stay-at-home dad most of the time, but occasionally catered at parties. Because her mother had lots to do at the police station, Velma would often tag along to her dads catering jobs, and it was there her love of food was born. Her aspiration in life is to be a Master Chef.

She applied to the show because she wanted to see something else than the desert, and to meet new people. After her father passed away, the heat that she always loved and used to thrive in, became unbearable. The desert landscape now seemed dead and empty. When her friend told her that she was gonna apply for a show called “Bachelor”, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to get her mind off her dad, have an adventure. and perhaps even find love. Something she hasn’t had much experience with.



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