The Bachelor Challenge

Day 6: Speed Dating!

d6.1.pngOnce again the ladies would have a few minutes to talk to the desired bachelor. Jacob had tried to avoid the girls the whole morning so it would be more exciting to see them again and he didn’t have to hide his question. Yes, you read that right. Jacob had prepared a question once again he wanted to ask all the ladies. Just like on the first speed dating day but with a different question this time of course.



The first one was Finley. She entered the room and sat down next to Jacob. “Hey Miss Beauty! How are you today?” he asked her. “Is this the question you will ask today or will there be another one?” Finley joked a bit confused.

Jacob laughed and replied: “No, no. There will be a question afterwards. I just wanted you to feel comfortable before I kick out the question.” Finley smiled and said: “Oh Jacob! I always feel comfortable around you. No need for small talk, honey!”

Jacob cleared his throat and asked his prepared question: “What are you looking for in a man? I mean, what’s the most important thing your future husband – just in case you want to marry one day – should have. I hope you understand my confusing stuttering.”

As Jacob blushed Finley put her hand on his arm and said: “Don’t worry. I know what you mean.” Before she went on she had to think about the question though. “Well, I’d say it’s most important that my future man can handle me. I’m not one of those girls who needs a man to feel safe. I was once told I’m more like a man than a woman. And I think the most important thing in a man is that he really can live with that. I mean live with that I might be manlier sometimes than he is” she laughed.



The second speed date today was Rose. The location was in Jacob’s private section of the house again. He wanted to make sure the girls didn’t feel watched. He had that feeling last time because they were sitting outside.

“Hey Rose, nice to see you again!” Jacob greeted her as they sat down together. “Just like last time I will ask you only one question today. So let me ask you: What’s the most important thing you’re looking for in a man?” he looked into her eyes as he asked the question.

Rose sighed: “Due to my past I think trusting and also being trustworthy is the most important thing in a relationship. As I saw the sorrow and pain in my father’s eyes – well the one I thought who was my father – that feeling just seeing it broke my heart. I don’t want to have to feel this ever and I even more don’t want anyone feel like this because of my actions.”



The next speed date was with Iliana. Jacob knew a lot about that girl already but he wasn’t quite sure if he knew her well enough. After he had asked her the same question as Finley and Rose before he had to wait pretty long for an answer.

He was getting nervous and more and more curious but he gave her the time she needed to think about it. Finally she said: “That’s a tough question. I think most important is that you can do nothing all day but together and still be happy. It’s hard to describe. I need an example.” She laughed nervously before she went on.

“A lot of my friends’ relationships failed because after a while they were bored. But I’m sure if you find the right person this won’t happen. You know that fear of ‘What if he’s bored of me? We haven’t went out on a date for a week now’ and so on” she was curious if Jacob could follow her.

Jacob rubbed his chin and nodded: “I know what you mean. I’ve seen this with a lot of my friends as well. But some of them are still together because of their kids. That’s really scary sometimes…”



Right after Iliana Trecile followed. As she sat down she immediately started talking: “Jacob I’m so glad we meet in private. We really need to talk about someth…”

Before she could go on Jacob interrupted her: “I’m sorry Trecile but we’re not allowed to talk about anything but my question now. If you want we can talk about whatever disturbs you after the speed dates, okay?” He tried to cheer her with a smile.

As she nodded he changed the topic and asked his question. Trecile didn’t have to think about it as long as the ones before and said: “I’m looking for a man who doesn’t think I’m a freak just because others tell him I would be one.”

Jacob waited for more to come but after a while he realized that Trecile didn’t want to add anything. They got up and Trecile left the room again.



A few seconds after Trecile had closed the door behind her it was opened again. Charlie stepped into the room and smiled as she saw Jacob. He asked her to sit down beside him and after she heard his question she had to think about it for a while.

“I think it’s important that my man accepts or better agrees that you don’t and can’t spend every second together as a couple. I want to hang out with friends, have a ladies’ night and watch girly movies without my husband sometimes. And my future husband needs to accept and agree on this. The best situation would be that he thinks the same and wants to spend time with his friends and watch football or baseball or whatever sport they are into” she sighed as she finished her little speech.

Jacob was smiling at her because that’s every man’s dream of how a woman should see a relationship. But he wasn’t quite sure if the real Charlie was talking or if she just told him what he wanted to hear.



The last speed date today was Velma. As Jacob was waiting for her he crossed his fingers and hoped she wouldn’t wear her glasses. As she came in sight she – as usual – was wearing them. He tried to hide his disappointment and told her his question.

As most girls, Velma also needed some time to think about the question. As she opened her mouth a little sigh escaped and she winked at Jacob. But then she said: “There are so many things that are important in a relationship. It’s pretty tough to choose only one to be the most important thing. But I think it’s most important that the relationship is based on a friendship. You can’t just be lovers and be together until the end of time. I think being only lovers won’t stay long. If you’re friends before you additionally become lovers, then the chance of staying together, you know that ‘happily ever after’ thing, will more likely happen.”

Jacob nodded. Her point of view made him think about his own. Was he only looking for a lover in this show? What if the relationship at the end failed after a few weeks because of that? A bit absent-minded he wished Velma a nice day and she went back to the other girls.



A few hours after the last speed date Jacob joined the ladies. The first one he ran into was Rose and he was glad to meet her because he had to tell her something important.

“I don’t know what exactly happened between you and Trecile yesterday but I’ve talked to some other girls in the house and they confirmed your version. I will talk to Trecile later and see what’s her point of view. I really don’t want you girls to fight because of something like this” he ended his sentence.

Rose was relieved that he believed her. Iliana had promised her and the others that she would think about how they could get rid of Trecile. But maybe they wouldn’t need a plan anymore when Jacob saw Trecile through their eyes already.



After Jacob went on the search for Trecile, Rose ran up to Finley. “Jacob just talked to me” she said as she arrived. “He will talk to Trecile but he believes my version because everyone confirmed it.”

Finley nodded: “I guess he’s on the right way. I know Charlie’s prediction was a bit too harsh but when you watch Trecile for a few minutes you can completely understand her fear.”



It took Jacob half an hour to find Trecile. It seemed as if she was running away from him and hiding even though she wanted to talk about the whole situation during their speed date.

As he found her she was standing pretty close to Charlie who didn’t looked pleased about the low distance. “Trecile” Jacob said walking up to her. “Finally I’ve found you! I promised you to talk about your problem you mentioned before.”

“I’m not sure if you should call it my problem as it’s coming from some other girls in this house. I’m always nice to all of them but they seem to be looking for someone to exclude from their group they are forming” Trecile said.
Charlie had to fight the urge to burst out laughing. She couldn’t hold back all of it so she chuckled the whole time. Trecile glared at her and went on: “See, that’s what I’m talking about. They make fun of me and talk about me when I turn my back towards them. They are just jealous that you’ve already chosen me as your girlfriend and have to play the rest as if you’re really still looking for someone else.”



Jacob put Trecile aside because Charlie’s chuckling distracted him too much. Even though they were standing a bit away from the other girls in the room he whispered: “Trecile, I really don’t know why you think you’re my girlfriend already. This show is about me finding my true love and we’re only at the beginning of it. If you want the others to stop excluding you, you have to stop acting like that. I don’t want to harm you but I think your own behavior is harming yourself. I really just want to help you.”

Trecile smiled and nodded. He has to play this role until the last of the other girls will be eliminated. He’s mine and I’m all his. He just can’t show it yet.



After the conversation with Trecile Jacob needed some fresh air. As he stepped through the door leading to the patio he saw Rose standing next to the fire place trying to warm her hands.

He was curious why she was doing this. There was no fire and it wasn’t cold outside. He walked over to her and said: “It was only yesterday when I told Velma how sad it is we haven’t used this fire place yet.”

Rose only noticed Jacob as he had begun to talk. She put her hands to her heart as if he scared her to death. “I didn’t see you coming. Excuse me, please” she laughed as she tried to calm down. “We could grill some sausages at this fire place tonight” she offered.



As the day was about to end all girls gathered around the fire place and tried to sit as close to Jacob as possible. Before he began to speak he looked around: “What would you say if the ended this wonderful day with a little barbecue at this fire place?”

As most of the girls cheered and nodded he went on: “I have prepared some sticks and sausages and of course veggie sausages as well. I know that some of you don’t eat meat and I respect that.”



Everything necessary for the little barbecue was brought to the fire place. Jacob put some more wood into the fire and the first girls put a sausage on their sticks.

No one noticed that Trecile got up and ran into the house. Of course some saw it but no one seemed to care. Views were exchanged and most girls were happy that she wasn’t around.



The group had a lot of fun. Everyone was eating (veggie) sausages and one after another told anecdotes and scary horror stories.

With all the fun Jacob didn’t notice that Trecile was still missing. And the other girls didn’t bother to mention it.



At first Trecile only went inside to use the bathroom. But as she wanted to return she looked at the group through the window. Doubts about the special relation she and Jacob shared came up. The feeling growing inside her reminded her of something from her past she had tried to block out of her head.

Trecile almost started to cry but then she put herself together and looked around the kitchen. She was tough enough to make it on her own. She didn’t need friends in this house. She only needed Jacob’s attention and with all the drama the girls made up she got plenty of it.

She laughed a bit too hysterically and decided to go for mac’n’cheese instead of those dry and burned sausages the others were eating at the fire place.




Once again the end of a day is reached. Thank you for reading and I hope you like it!


xoxo Sonschi


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