Day 5: House Party!


On the fifth day in the house, the bachelor woke up early and came up with an idea. All the girls were still asleep so he sneaked into the kitchen and prepared a breakfast for all of them.

At first he thought about a big buffet but then he remembered that ladies are most of the time picky eaters because they care about their body shape. Still, he made pancakes. I hope they won’t complain about the calories. But if they mind there’s a huge gym in the third floor.



Jacob managed to wake up all six women and to go downstairs to have breakfast together. Some seemed a bit uncomfortable with the fact that they hadn’t had the time to put on make-up or to jump in the shower or even change into something less “naked” than their PJs.

But that’s the exact theme how Jacob wanted the breakfast to be like: messy hair, no make-up and no styling at all. He wanted to see if the girls would mind to show their “real” faces.



As Jacob had woken up the girls at an unholy time most of them went back to bed after the breakfast. Everyone spend the day differently as Jacob had told them they needed to be fit for a party that night.

As soon as the sun went down the party began. The ladies were still upstairs getting ready and Jacob was behind the bar preparing cocktails for everyone.

The first one to come downstairs was Iliana. She saw Jacob in the dining room and sat down in front of him. “What are you mixing?” she asked him.

“I just practice a bit to impress you” he winked at her. “Would you like to have a drink? Tell me your favorite cocktail and I’ll mix it for you.” Jacob’s plan was to mix every girl’s favorite cocktail before they had their chats.



All other ladies had been finished their styling and joined Jacob and Iliana on the first floor. Jacob announced once more that they would have a great party now and that the ladies should feel free to talk to him one on one.

Right after he had finished the last sentence Charlie took his hand and together they walked outside. “Let’s go over there” Charlie said pointing at the sitting area under the tree.

As they sat down their eyes met. After a while Charlie began: “Last night was pretty scary for me. I hope you wanted to test my nerves before you gave me your last rose.” She laughed. “Thank you for it. I really want to know more about you. Not only because you’re the most handsome guy I’ve ever met! Your soul is even more wonderful than the outside.”

Jacob blushed a bit. He wasn’t used to be complimented about his looks or character. Actually, most compliments he hears about him are about his success and ambition he puts into his work.

Jacob cleared his throat before he asked Charlie: “There’s one thing I wanted to ask you since the day I first saw you. You travel a lot and have expensive clothes from around the world. But you’ve never told me how you can afford all these things. Did you join the work and travel hype?”

Jacob tried to hide this weird question with a little laughter. He was curious but he also knew that this question was hard to be asked. It made it even worse for him as Charlie didn’t answer quite ahead. She looked at him with a poker face probably thinking about what she should answer.

She sighed as she finally responded: “You have to promise me that you won’t get this wrong, okay? I don’t know if it matters to you but most people treat me differently when they hear about IT.” She paused for a while.

After a deep breath she went on: “I’m the only child from a wealthy family. I really wanted to work during my traveling but you should have since my father’s face. It hurt his feelings that I didn’t want to use his money. So I tried to find a compromise for myself. I accepted his support but on my journey I only stayed in the cheapest hotels I could find.”

Jacob and Charlie went on with their conversation. Both were happy about the outcome of Jacob’s question.



As they wanted to go back to the other women Velma approached them. “Hey Jacob, can I have the next one on one?” she asked with a flirty voice. Jacob agreed and together they sat down at the fire place.

“It’s a pity we haven’t used it yet” Jacob said pointing at the fire place. Velma nodded: “Yes it is. We could have a little barbecue out here. I bet it would be a lot of fun.”

Jacob smiled at her. He always felt comfortable around her but there was something that seemed a bit weird but he couldn’t tell what it was. It’s probably the glasses. He had to grin about his little joke and Velma was looking at him a bit confused.

“What are you laughing about” she asked him. He just shook his head. “The fire place just reminded me about my teenage years. My best friend and I were dancing around a fire completely naked and hoped it would be a dance to bring the most beautiful women on earth to us” he couldn’t help but laugh at this memory.



While Jacob was still outside with Velma a fight came up in the kitchen. Rose had been dancing to the music from the stereo and Trecile had joined her. Each of them had tried to glare at the other secretly.

At one point Trecile had noticed Rose’s gazing and she turned angry immediately. “What the plum is your problem?! I thought we were friends and I believed in you as you apologized but you tried to sneak up on me to kick me out of the game! You’re a hypocrite! I hope Jacob will see the real you and you will have to leave this house!” she yelled.

The air between Rose and Trecile had been tense since Iliana had spread some hate between the former friends. But Rose had never thought that Trecile would attack her like she just did. She was too shocked to fight back.


d5.7.pngInstead Charlie came to help Rose. “What is wrong with you? Can’t you just leave Rose alone? She was just dancing and looked over to you! There’s nothing wrong with Rose. It’s you! You act so weird! Everyone, really everyone in this house hopes that Jacob will kick out YOU! Now get out of my eyes or I’ll lose myself!” she shouted at Trecile.


d5.8.pngJacob didn’t hear anything from the fight between the women because he was on the third floor in the Jacuzzi with Iliana. She was talking about her past: “And after my parents had died I had to get my life together and work hard to get the things I wanted. I have to admit though that I was a spoiled brat before their death. When I had to change I realized that most of my friends didn’t like me but my money. That was tough but I’m proud to say I made it my own way and I’m nice to hang out with now. At least I hope!”



They laughed a lot during their conversation and Finley thought she might join them. This time she didn’t shoo away her opponent but joined their conversation.

“Oh, both of your parents died at the same time?” Finley asked Iliana shocked. “Poor thing! And I thought I had it hard growing up without a father but five older brothers.”

Even though Iliana had changed a lot there was still a little bit left of her old character. From time to time the spoiled brat was coming through and sometimes she even enjoyed to let it out.

Oh Finley, I really like you but you just interrupted my private session with Jacob. Well, everyone will get what they deserve. One day… She grinned at Finley but as the two others were laughing at that moment no one noticed.



A few floors downstairs Velma walked up to Charlie: “I really admire what you just did! Rose has told me about what Trecile had pulled on her and I can easily understand that she’s such a person. Have you seen her talk to herself yet? It’s too weird and I left the room because I was really scared!”

As Charlie answered she lowered her voice. “I know” she whispered. “I don’t know what it is but something about Trecile makes me want to stay far away from her.”

She looked around just in case the person they were talking about was hiding somewhere eavesdropping. As she couldn’t see her anywhere she went on: “I think we should warn Jacob. In my opinion Trecile is a freak. And I mean that kind of freak where you here from in the news. What if she wins the show and her madness gets out of control and she kills Jacob?!”



Velma knew that Charlie was a bit dramatizing the whole situation. But then she saw Trecile talking to herself once more and a shudder ran down her spine. Charlie is right. We need to warn Jacob. But all five of us have to warn him! Then he will believe us.

As she was looking for Jacob Iliana came down the stairs in her bathing suit. “Are you looking for Jacob? He’s in the Jacuzzi with Finley. Why don’t you join them?” she winked at Velma.

Velma went upstairs and jumped in the Jacuzzi. “Hey Velma! We were just talking about our favorite singer. Who’s yours?” Finley asked her friendly.


d5.12.pngBefore Velma was able to answer her Trecile jumped into the Jacuzzi and water spilled all other the other three people. Velma’s and Finley’s eyes met and they saw that they were thinking about the same. I’ll have to tell Finley about our plan later. Velma thought and managed to smile at Jacob even though she didn’t know if the water ruined her make-up.



As Finley and Velma saw Rose coming up they left the Jacuzzi. “Why are you leaving?” Jacob asked them. Finley pointed at Rose and replied: “We both have been talking to you for some time and we also know that Rose hasn’t had a conversation with you today at all. We like her so we leave you two some privacy.”

As she said the last sentence she looked at Trecile and raised one eyebrow. Wow how ignorant can one person be? She interrupted our conversation but didn’t say one word to Jacob. And I’m sure she won’t leave Rose and Jacob alone as well… Finley made a angry face and followed Velma.



As Rose found her place in the Jacuzzi she turned towards Trecile: “Why are you still here? Finley and Velma just explained why they left. And honestly, after what you said to me a few hours ago I don’t want to be around you. Would you please leave us alone now?” Rose asked politely but everyone heard the sharp undertone in her voice.

Jacob was confused as he saw that scene. He didn’t know that the ladies went all catty already and he didn’t know how to feel about it. However, he really wanted to spend some time with Rose. “I don’t know what happened earlier but I will come back to you later, Trecile, okay?” he said and smiled to the dark haired woman.



As soon as Trecile had left Jacob couldn’t hold back his curiosity anymore: “So tell me, please, what happened today between you two?”

Rose took a deep breath before she began to tell the story: “I was dancing in the dining room as Trecile joined me. I didn’t mind at all and I sometimes looked over to her without any mean purpose. And suddenly she yelled at me and I couldn’t even react because I was too shocked at her words. And that’s when Charlie scolded her for her behavior.”

As she finished her short review of the situation Rose looked at Jacob and waited for his response. He didn’t react at all. He just sat there and stared at the water. Rose became nervous and saw that Finley was standing at the door eavesdropping. She winked at Rose as their eyes met and Rose said: “If you don’t believe me ask all the others! Finley for example saw everything.”

As her name was mentioned Finley joined the two in the Jacuzzi again. “I heard my name, what is she telling about me?” she asked Jacob to open up the mood a bit.

As they told her what Rose just said to Jacob, Finley nodded: “That’s right. Trecile did yell at Rose for no apparent reason. I have to admit I’m a bit afraid of her so I try to avoid her as often as I can.”

As Finley and Velma had left the Jacuzzi some time ago, Velma had told her friend about the plan she and Charlie had come up with. Finley had totally agreed on their opinion and had joined their plan.



At the same time Charlie and Velma were talking to Iliana about Trecile. “I know what you mean” Iliana said as the two other woman finished their gossiping. “I have seen her talk to herself or even objects in the house more than I ever wanted to. We need to get rid of her. She’s no compatible woman for Jacob. Do you have a plan?”

Charlie looked around. She was afraid of Trecile and didn’t want her to hear them talk about her. “We have an idea. I’m not sure if you can really say that’s a plan” she whispered in Iliana’s direction. After they have told Iliana what they wanted to do she just said: “How cute but I don’t think that will be enough. He might think that she’s the toughest opponent in our eyes and that’s why we want to get her out of the way. We need a real plan.”




Thank you for reading! I hope you like the drama coming up. In case one of the sims here is part of the drama, don’t take it personally. I just chose them because of their traits and story (for the drama of course ^^)


xoxo Sonschi


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