The Bachelor Challenge


Thanks to a boring Monday and after asking in the thread if this kind of chapter would be okay, I will now show you the results of the first poll. Don’t be disappointed but this chapter will be 3 pictures long only. Also, I didn’t vote in the poll to make it more interesting for me, too 🙂



As we last left the Bachelor house Jacob was about to tell who would stay in the challenge – at least until the next elimination night – and who would have to pack her bags and leave.

There was a tie between Charlie and Clarissa, so I set up a poll where all of you were able to vote for their favorite to stay in the house.



As this diagram shows Charlie is the winner of the poll with one vote ahead of Clarissa!


Thank you all for voting in the poll! I would have never thought that 17 readers would vote! I didn’t even know this many people knew about the challenge ^^


Also thank you, icemanfresh, for creating Clarissa. I’m sorry that she had to leave the house this early.



Jacob closed his eyes and as he opened them they were fixed on Charlie. “Dear Charlie, do you want to have the last rose tonight?” he asked her gently.

The worried face was washed away from Charlie’s face as she heard her name. With tears of joy in her eyes she accepted the final rose.





This, my dearest readers, is the end of this chapter ^^ I warned you.


xoxo Sonschi


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