The Bachelor Challenge

Day 4: ELIMINATION 1! [6/7]


The fourth day in the house started and the air was tense. Everyone knew that today was the day the first woman had to leave the house. As Jacob treated everyone like a gentleman no one was sure who could possibly be the unlucky one to be eliminated tonight.

Over the last few days Rose and Trecile had become friends. But on the first group date Rose had shooed Trecile away and now she was feeling guilty.

As she saw her in the dining room she went up to her to apologize: “Hey Trecile. You know I really like you as a friend and what I did to you yesterday was just too mean. Can you forgive me?”

Trecile was happy that her friend came up to her. She wasn’t an unforgiving person but Rose’s action had hurt her. As Rose apologized she thankfully accepted it.

Just like her Rose was glad that everything was okay again between them. “Oh thank you, Trecile!” she said as she hugged her. “You’re my attachment figure in this house and I couldn’t stand having a conflict with you.”

Iliana was on her way to the living room as she overheard the conversation between them. As someone, who enjoyed some action, an idea popped up in her mind immediately. It made her smile but on the outside it looked as if she was happy for Trecile and Rose.



A few hours later, Iliana had formed a plan in her head, she searched for Rose and found her in the bathroom. “What’s up, Rose? Are you fine?” she asked her innocently.

Rose was washing her hands and looked at Iliana via the mirror. “Thanks, I’m fine now. I had a little dispute with Trecile earlier but we have solved it” Rose responded.

Iliana put on a worried face. “Oh, didn’t they tell you yet?” she asked seeing Rose’s curiosity rise in her eyes. Iliana sighed as if she was sad to bring the bad news: “Trecile was talking bad about you the whole day. She was like ‘Does that woman really think a simple sorry makes everything alright again?’. I’m sorry to tell you bad she’s playing with you. She tries to be your friend but that’s how she wants to kick you out of the house to have a better chance with Jacob.”

Rose didn’t respond at all but from her shocked face Iliana knew that her seeds were planted into that poor girl’s mind.



Iliana had to hide her diabolic smile because Rose didn’t run out of the bathroom as she had thought. Instead Rose turned around with tears in her eyes.

“Oh there, there, Rose. Don’t let that narrow-minded girl ruin your day! You still have me as a friend. And whatever it is you can always come to me with your sorrows” Iliana promised.

Rose wiped the tear away that made it down her cheeks and smiled at Iiana: “You’re truly a friend I can trust.” With these words she went out of the bathroom and Iliana could finally show her diabolic grin.



Rose went outside to the garden and thought about how she could spend the few hours until the elimination night. Jacob wasn’t around so she couldn’t talk to him.

She was standing in front of the basket case as a shadow appeared by her side. She turned around and Trecile smiled at her: “Hey friend, what are doing? I thought we could hang out a bit.”

Rose wanted to yell at her and push her away from herself but her upbringing hold her off of it. Instead she put on a fake smile and said: “Oh, well, Trecile, I’m sorry but I’m busy right now. I thought about shooting some hoops now but I’ve never played basketball before. I guess I’ll just go upstairs and use the gym instead.”

“Oh, we could work out together!” Trecile cheered. Rose murmured an excuse that she preferred exercising on her own and left her old friend alone.



Rose had changed into her sports clothes and was about to get to the gym as she heard the girls chattering downstairs. She was curious and went down some steps on the stairs and saw that Jacob had joined them. Within seconds she changed her plans and ran downstairs to join them.

Unfortunately, the place next to Jacob was already occupied so she had to sit down somewhere else. She joined Iliana’s conversation with Finley and eyed over to Jacob from time to time.

Sometimes he was looking at her as well and when her eyes met she blushed a bit. Though, he seemed to like it because after a while he winked at her every time her cheeks went red.


NOTE: I left all of them on free will and didn’t play them until it was time for the elimination.


d4-6As Finley discovered the hidden flirting between Jacob and Rose he turned towards him to start a conversation. “I really like your confidence and that you come up to me and don’t wait until I talk to you” he said after a while. The compliment gave Finley even more confidence and an idea came up in her head.


d4-7She grabbed Jacob’s hand and led him to the dining room where the stereo was standing. She turned on her favorite music and winked at Jacob. Without a word he knew what she had on her mind. Together they danced and had a lot of fun. And Finley was glad that no one of the other girls joined them.



After Finley and Jacob had left the room Rose took the time to complain about Trecile: “Have you heard what my so called friend did to me?” This simple question was enough to have the girls’ complete attention.

It didn’t take long until Charlie and Velma joined the gossiping. “I couldn’t understand anyhow why you liked her. I mean she’s the weirdest person I have ever met” Velma said and shivered.

“That’s not all!” Charlie continued. “Can you believe she yelled at Jacob on the first day? I mean we’re here to impress him and all she did was ruin her first impression. But I guess she’s plotting something. She wants the puppy bonus and Jacob is falling for it.”



A few minutes later Jacob and two other women joined the round. Of course he hadn’t heard them gossiping but he could see in their faces that they had a serious talk. “Woah, ladies. Why so serious? Let’s have fun!” he tried to cheer them up.

Trecile was standing behind Rose. She was angry because she was eavesdropping and heard every mean thing they had said. She couldn’t believe her friend was talking bad about her when she wasn’t around.

Rose didn’t see Trecile’s reaction because she was standing behind her. But Iliana had watched everything from the side and her plan growing and blossoming gave her a mood boost.



Charlie could see Trecile’s reaction as well and was scared that she might explode any second. To avoid being part of it she went over to Finley who was still dancing in the dining room.

After a while Jacob came over to them and said: “I just told the other girls. It’s time to get ready for the first elimination night. I will disappear in my private section now and get ready. Have fun girls and get ready. But I’m sure you two will look as charming as always.” He winked at them at walked away.


d4-11“Did you hear that? He thinks we’re pretty! I guess we’re safe tonight” Charlie stated. Finley winked at her. The two of them had become friends in the last few days. They had gone upstairs together and helped each other getting dressed and ready for Jacob.


d4-12About half an hour later Jacob surrounded all seven women around him and declared: “Ladies, you all look great again tonight! I can’t believe it’s time to send one of you home already. This decision will be tough. If you excuse me, I have to leave you now and make a decision.”



Jacob got up and winked at the girls before he left the room. His whole body was shaking as he opened the door to his private living room. The pictures of all the women had been hanging on the wall since the first day but seeing them now made him feel dizzy. After tonight one of them will disappear from this house and probably from his life.

His palms were sweaty. A cold shiver was running down his spine. His biggest fear was to send home the wrong woman. From previous shows he knew that there was always one person who wasn’t looking for love. And knowing this scared him.


d4-14In the meantime, the girls had found their place in the living room where Jacob would hopefully give them the desired rose. All of them were sure they wouldn’t be the one to leave tonight. Still a little doubt was present in their eyes.



Finally, Jacob had made his decision. He went towards the door but stopped and took a deep breath. What if she cries? What should I do then? Or what if one or even more don’t want the rose I’m about to offer to them?

Panic rose inside Jacob and he could barely breathe. He had to sit down on the floor and put his head between knees to calm down. He had never thought that the elimination night could be this hard. And this was only the first one…


d4-16Jacob calmed down and went to the living room. As he stepped over the threshold all eyes were on him. He could feel sweat running down his temples and hoped no one could see it. He put on a smile even though he didn’t feel like it.



His mouth was sore but he had to begin now. He cleared his throat one last time and said: “Welcome back, ladies. It’s a pleasure to see all of you again. As you might guess I have made a decision.”

His view swept over the women. He could see the excitement in their eyes but there was also fear. I really don’t want to know how bad this situation is for them. It’s pure horror for me but they have it even worse.

The roses were lying on a little side table next to him. He carefully took the first one and looked back at the girls. He looked to the ground and smiled. As he looked up again he said: “This first rose is for the woman I had a lot of fun recently. You were not afraid to show me who you really are and that impressed me a lot. So, do you want this rose, Trecile?”



Trecile couldn’t believe she was the first one to get a rose. At first she was too perplexed but then she realized what was happening and quickly went over to Jacob.

“Oh Jacob, of course I want this rose. Thank you very much!” she kissed him on both cheeks before she returned to her place.

Jacob was happy that Trecile appreciated the rose and went on: “The next rose is for a woman who made me forget about tonight’s tough decision by dancing with me. Finley, do you want to take this rose?”



Finley squealed and jumped up from her seat. As she stopped in front of the bachelor she couldn’t help but wink at him. Of course she knew that he would blush again.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I do want this rose sooo badly!” she cheered. She hugged him and went back to her place. As she sat down a relieved sigh escaped her lips.

Jacob looked around the girls once more and stopped at the one who would get his next rose. “The next rose is for a woman who hides her beauty behind glasses. Don’t be shy and come over, Velma” he waved one hand to show her to come over to him.



Velma was relieved as he gave her the third rose. But for one moment she laid the flower aside and grabbed both hands of Jacob. For a very short time she could see fear in his eyes so she began: “Don’t worry, I take the rose. I just wanted to thank you for four awesome days. I hope we will spend some more time together. And I could see that you don’t like my glasses. Maybe, but just maybe, I will put in my lenses for our next date.”

She picked up her rose again, turned around but stopped and winked over her shoulder one last time before she returned to her place. It was Jacob this time you sighed in relieve.

Once again he cleared his throat. Half of the roses were already handed to the girls. He picked up the next one and twisted it between his fingers. As he looked up he said: “Do you want this rose, Iliana?”


d4.21.pngWithout a word Iliana went over to him. Standning in front of him she let go off her poker face and smiled: “Of course I want it. But you know you can still call me Lana.” She hugged him and walked back to the other girls.



“As you all can see, there are only two roses left. We all know that the first lady will have to leave tonight and I have to say it again: the decision was tougher than I have ever thought it would be” Jacob said a bit sad.

After his pause he went on: “But before I have to announce who will have to move out I want to hand the next rose to another woman. By the way, does anyone know a good pun I can use to give Rose her first rose?”



With every rose Jacob had given to someone else, Rose’s fear grew bigger and bigger. As she finally heard him say her name she almost had to cry of joy. She walked over to him and hugged him even before she was handed her rose.

“Oh Jacob, you can’t believe how hard it is for us to wait for a rose. But I’m thankful that I’m still able to learn more about you. I hope we’ll have a date soon” she said relieved as he handed her a rose.



Rose sat down again and didn’t care about what was going on around her anymore. All the other girls who already had one felt the same. Their smiles were brighter than all the four days before.

But not everyone had a smile on her face. Charlie and Clarissa couldn’t believe they were the last two for the last rose. One of them would have to leave and they were scared.


d4.25.pngJacob didn’t miss the sad faces. It broke his heart a bit to let one of them go. But before he called them over to him. Two women who couldn’t be more different. But both are unique and beautiful in their own way. I don’t want to break her heart…



Clarissa and Charlie were standing in front of them. Both had to fight back the tears that tried to run down their cheeks. Not only would not getting a rose tonight mean that they couldn’t date Jacob anymore. It also meant to carry the shame to be the first one to be eliminated.



And that dear readers is where I have to leave you today. It’s a mean, mean cliffhanger, I know. But I was forced to do it. Let me show you why:


d4.27 (Tabelle).jpg

I secretly edited in the first post in the thread so probably no one has read it so far. I found a mod to see the exact relationship points (see the thread for further information or just ask me about it if you can’t find it).

When you look at the table you can see there is a tie between Clarissa and Charlie both having 35 points. The rules say there are two possibilities now:


1: I can look at how popular these two are among the other contestants and kick out the one that is the least popular.

2: I can make a poll where YOU can choose who should stay and who should go.


Clarissa has the loner trait and that made me think it would be pretty unfair to go with possibility 1. And as 7 of you are already involved in the challenge via their sims it’s obvious that possibility 2 is made for us. 🙂


You can find the poll here: Poll

Please make sure to read the question carefully so you don’t mix it up and vote for the wrong sim! You can only vote once.


d4.28 (Charlie).png

Charlie’s parents were young when they had her, although extremely rich. She went off to explore the world in as soon as she aged up. She had a dream of falling in love with the perfect man one day. Is this dream going to come true?


d4.29 (Clarissa).png

Clarissa was born to very hardworking parents who built a life for themselves in the Midwest. She had a lower middle class upbringing, but she was happy. Her parents considered her a blessing, because she was a very cheerful child who brightened up the room. She was also very inquisitive, and she desired to learn many things. Her parents’ ambitiousness rubbed off on her, and she worked hard in school, picking up a lot of skills that would help her work with the latest technology. Clarissa tended to keep to herself this way, and she kept a very small but close circle of friends, and continues to do so today. Her few dating attempts weren’t very stellar, so she hopes that by joining The Bachelor, she might end up meeting a decent guy that she could fall for.


11 thoughts on “Day 4: ELIMINATION 1! [6/7]”

    1. Thank you 🙂
      But isn’t Charlie your creation? I was surprised that she had that few points with Jacob. But I always play with headlineeffects off so the speech/thought bubbles won’t be on any pics. And I don’t know if she has talked to Jacob while I left all of them on free will. I used the third speed for time and was distracted (bad cellphone^^).

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  1. Haha, yes Charlie is my creation, I really hope that If she stays in she can form a better relationship with him. I also think Charlie and Rose might get on quite well because of their backrounds. Rose has a very posh grandma and Charlie’s parents were quite rich and posh too.

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    1. The sad thing is a have an idea for every single sim in this challenge. And that makes it just too hard to eliminate one already.
      The relationships between the girls are important, too. Just like in the real Bachelor 🙂

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  2. Yes, I completely understand that. I’ve never done the bachelor challenge before but I see why the girls need that good relationship too. I can see you’ve put the Day 3 and 4 on the forums 😀 Good luck Clarissa and Charlie 😀

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