The Bachelor Challenge

Day 3: Speed Dating!

d3.1.png“Hello and welcome back to the bachelor! I’m Jacob and today I’ll have seven speed dates with my ladies. Lean back and enjoy the show!”



Once again Charlie opened the show. As she walked over to where Jacob was sitting her heart was beating a bit faster than usual. Crazy butterflies in my stomach stop! It’s too soon to fall in love with a man I barely know.

As she sat down she was greeted by Jacob’s usual smile. I wonder if there has ever been a day he didn’t smile. He’s just too cute. “Good morning, sunshine!” she greeted him.

“Good morning, Charlie! Have you ever tried speed dating before? Well, I didn’t and the rules were totally new to me. Anyway, I will ask you one question – I will ask the same one every girl – and you only have to give me an honest answer. It’s easy, isn’t it?” he suggested.

“First, no, I have never tried speed dating before. So thanks for giving me some instructions. Let’s do this!” she cheered.

“Okay. Imagine you were my girlfriend. I’m sometimes very busy at work and come home later than expected. What would be your reaction when I came home and smelled like a whole tavern?”

Charlie had to think about it for a while. Jacob was curious how she would answer his question. “I’m honest. I would be angry at you because you spent time we could share together in a bar getting drunk” she finally said.



After Charlie it was Iliana’s turn. Jacob asked her the same question and she answered straight away: “You went to a bar and didn’t call me to join you? We could have had fun together!”

As Iliana said that she made a very serious face. Jacob was surprised because he felt as if the imagined situation was taking place in reality at that moment. They looked at each other in confusion and then laughed so hard they almost cried.

“I’m sorry, Jacob. My imagination just pushed me a bit too much into that situation, I guess!” Iliana squeaked breathless from all the laughter.



Thank you, Iliana, I really appreciate your answer” Jacob smirked. “Would you send Clarissa over, please?” Iiana nodded and went away.

As Clarissa sat down she was smiling. Jacob knew that she was keeping him on a distance but he didn’t mind. There was something between them but he couldn’t tell yet.

After he asked the same question again he got this answer: “I wouldn’t be mad at you at all. I sometimes need my alone time and that would be the best to use it. When you finally come home, probably about 2 am I guess, I would help you undress and tuck you into bed. You’ll have a bad hangover the next day so why should I yell at you?”

Jacob wanted to talk to Clarissa a bit more but the rules said that he was only aloud to ask that one question and then it was the next girl’s turn. A bit sad he sent Clarissa away.



Jacob was cheered up again as he saw Finley coming out of the house. As she walked over to him her hips were swinging and he couldn’t help but stare at her.

“Good morning, Jacob. How are you? You look great today, just as always!” she claimed. Jacob was amazed by her happy mood but still he had to tell her that they couldn’t have a small talk right now. Finley was only allowed to answer his one question.

“Wow, that’s a though one” Finley pondered after she heard it. “From my experience with my brothers I would be mad at you. I don’t know yet how you behave when you’re drunk but many people, especially men, get aggressive when they had too much alcohol. And being aggressive goes hand in hand with fights and police and arrests and so on.”

She paused before she went on: “But as I don’t know if you drink a lot when you go out or if you drink anything at all I can’t really answer that question. I need to get you even better. See why it’s tough to answer it?”

Finley’s opinion made him think. Have I chosen a too heavy question? Finley’s right they need to know me better to answer that question. 



While he was still thinking about it the next girl sat down beside him: Velma. As Jacob looked up their eyes met and she was smiling. Why is she wearing those glasses again? Would it be mean to ask her to change it?

Before he could think more about how he couldn’t stand any kind of hipster glasses he recapped his question. Velma silently cleared her throat before she responded: “So you really ask me how I would react when you went to a bar after work instead of spending that time with me at home? Wow, don’t you think something’s going wrong when you prefer to spend your rare free time on your own or with someone else than with the person you love?”

Jacob was fascinated about her answer. He hadn’t thought about this point of view at any time. Velma was looking at him and waiting for his reply. But Jacob was speechless.



Jacob didn’t know how to feel about his question anymore. Is it too selfish? Do I sound like an idiot asking that? He sighed in relief as he saw Trecile coming up next. Having sat down she listened to his question.

She rubbed her chin with her thumb and the forefinger. “So you want to know how I react in that situation. It would be more interesting the other way around because as soon as you would get home you would find me dancing in my undies and one of your shirts in the whole house screaming along my favorite song” she laughed.

“No, seriously, Jacob. I would be a bit disappointed that you didn’t text me you would hang out with friends at the bar. But that’s it. Just because you and me would be a couple wouldn’t mean we had to spend every single second of the rest of our lives together. I, too, would still want to go out with my girls and all that. I would trust you. But I would send you to take a shower.”



Trecile waved at Jacob as she went back inside. As soon as she stepped over the threshold Rose came through the door. Walking up to him she looked as elegant as always and was smiling lady likely*.

“As all the others before I’m only allowed to ask you one question” Jacob started the conversation. “Just imagine you and me would be a couple. As you know I have to work a bit longer at my job from time to time so our time together might be a bit limited. One day I come home even later than usually, let’s say at one o’clock in the morning and I was stinking like a while tavern. What would be your first reaction?”

Rose just sat there looking confused at Jacob. “I have to think about this. How much time do I have?” she asked in response. After Jacob told her she started immediately: “I told you yesterday that my grandma raised me to behave like a lady. That also means my point of view might be a bit old-fashioned to others. My grandma always told me to respect my man. I would grant you to spend time without me but I would be hurt that you didn’t tell me that you won’t come home as usual. What if I thought something has happened to you?”


* I’m not sure if that word exists but I guess you know what I want to express 😀



“Dear all, I hope you enjoyed today’s show. I have learned some new parts of the girls! See you next time!”




Just as Jacob just said, this is the end of day 3. It’s way shorter than day 1 and day 2 but I hope you still enjoy it!


xoxo Sonschi


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Speed Dating!”

    1. I was surprised you found this chapter before I posted the link on the forum ^^
      The text to post a comment about is ready to be posted but because this chapter is pretty short compared to all the others I want to post day 4 as well. But the pics are still loading.
      Also, there’s a tie at the end of day 4 and I prepared a poll for that case. I can’t play on until the poll is over so I really want to speed these two chapters out ^^

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  1. Okay, I see Day 4 up now. I was on your website trying to find Day 3 and I did… Btw I’m on your website quite a lot now. 😀 I hope you don’t mind xD
    Also, I’m guessing the poll is going to be on the Forums?

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    1. I don’t mind 🙂 I’ve seen you like some posts of my legacy as well. It’s nice to see that the bachelor challenge brings new readers to my legacy ^^
      No, the poll will be on an extra page. The link can be found on the forum and also at the end of day 4.

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