The next morning, everyone in the house – expect Jacob – was up early. The girls were hanging out in the dining room and dancing to the music coming from the stereo.

“Seems like Jacob isn’t an early bird!” Rose joked. “I’m wondering what we’re going to do today and who will spend time with him.” Before anyone could answer her they heard a squeal coming from the living room.



“Oh wow! Girls, come over! Quick! We got mail from Jacob!” Finley screamed across the room in excitement.
As soon as everyone gathered around her, she opened the letter and read it out loud:

“Dear ladies,

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life so far. It was an amazing event meeting all of you and I can’t wait to get to know you better.

I have organized an awesome group date for us at the V.I.P Pool Club* and guess who’s coming with me? ALL of you!

Pack your bags and don’t forget sunscreen! We will see us at the location.

Your Jacob”


* It’s a creation from the gallery by danielle-ngo



One hour later the contestants met Jacob at the location. He gathered all the girls around him and was amazed by their outfits.

“I’m happy to see you. I hope your ride was comfortable. I won’t need to hold a long speech on what we’re going to do here today. Let’s change into our bathing clothes and have some fun together!”



Before Jacob could disappear to change his clothes Trecile stopped him. “Hey Jacob! Would you like to go swimming in this amazing pool right after we’ve changed?” she asked him. He agreed and after a few minutes they met again at the pool.

Even though it was still morning and the water wasn’t too warm yet Jacob jumped into the pool. “Ouch, that’s cold! Why don’t you come in, Trecile?” he grinned at her.

In opposite to him she climbed into the pool step by step to get used to the cold water. Jacob watched every move she made and Trecile giggled shyly every time she took one step down.

Finally, both were in the water. Trecile swam over to Jacob and splashed some water at him. “Oh, you want that kind of fun? You can have it!” Jacob laughed as he splashed back some water at Trecile.



They had so much fun that after a while their stomachs ached from laughing. “You look even more beautiful without make-up, do you know?” Jacob complimented Trecile.

Because she wasn’t wearing any make-up her blushing could be seen even more than the day before. However, she didn’t mind it and smiled innocently at Jacob.



“How old is she? 10? I hope he’ll come over to us soon and join us in the Jacuzzi. That’s way better than plashing in the water…” Charlie rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Charlie, he’s not looking for a little girl to adopt but for a woman to spend the rest of his life with. She’s non-competitive compared with us” Rose answered.

Clarissa kept silent through the whole conversation. She had never seen any reason why people gossip about others. As she turned around to take a look at Jacob she couldn’t find him or Trecile anywhere.



The two of them had gone inside to have some privacy. Jacob thought that their conversation yesterday was a bit too short. So he wanted to talk to her.

“I see you obviously feel better today than yesterday night, don’t you?” he smiled at her. Trecile nodded: “Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry for my reaction yesterday. I’ve never been like this before. But let’s talk about you and me. What kind of woman do you prefer?”



This time their conversation lasted pretty long. They only found out that the time was flying as their stomachs were growling. “Why don’t you go back to the other women and I’ll prepare lunch for all of us?” Jacob offered.

Back outside he went over to the barbecue and threw some fruits on it. He knew that some of the contestants were Vegetarians and he cared a lot about it.


d2-9While Jacob was at the barbecue, Trecile jumped into one of the two Jacuzzis the other girls had occupied. As she sat down beside Clarissa the girls went silent. Okay, what’s going on here? Ah, I don’t care. Jacob likes me and they are jealous. With a big smile on her face she leaned back and enjoyed the hot water.



As Jacob called them to grab a dish Trecile followed him to the table he wanted to eat his meal. Of course she wasn’t the only one with that thought so Trecile, Rose and Jacob were having lunch together.

“Oh Jacob, the grilled fruits are just perfect. You’re such a good chef” Trecile complimented. What she didn’t know: Rose was about to say the same and got angry at her because she interrupted her.



“Don’t take this personal, Trecile, but don’t you think you’ve occupied Jacob for enough time today? Let others have a bite of the cake, too” Rose complained.

Trecile just raised her hands in defence and murmured a quiet apology before she left the table. She was sad because this morning they had become friends.



Rose knew she might have earned some minus points with this rude comment so she asked Jacob to go upstairs. She had read on a board that there should be a sauna.

“This is my first time using a sauna. If I had known we would only wear towels I wouldn’t have recommended to go here” Rose said and blushed as she sat down beside Jacob, both covering their naked bodies only with a small towel.

“Don’t worry” Jacob replied. “At first it’s weird to be this exposed but as soon as the relaxation kicks in it doesn’t matter anymore.” His expression and words made Rose giggle: “How can relaxation kick in? I only heard of drugs kicking in but relaxation?”



It only took five minutes and Rose knew what Jacob was talking about. The next half hour they spent with sitting next to each other without talking. They just enjoyed the steam.

Rose felt safe and cozy around Jacob. So it didn’t surprise her as a thought came up in her mind. “Do you mind if I tell you my story?” she asked him straight away.

As he nodded she began: “Until I was 13 I lived the perfect life. My parents were happily married and loved my brother and sister and also me. But then I heard my mother confess to my – well to the man I’d always thought he was my father – that I was the outcome of an affair with the town’s gigolo. I had to move across the country to live with my grandmother. She was strict and I guess she’s the reason why you thought I’m from noble origin. Well, she’s taught me how to behave as a young woman. I hope I didn’t scare you with my story?”

As she looked over to Jacob he had a sad expression on his face. Oh great, I’ve ruined his day… He cleared his throat and answered: “No, I’m not scared of you. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings yesterday as I called you noble. I didn’t know this has a bad back story.”



Jacob and Rose talked a bit more until they needed some fresh air. Jacob decided to join Charlie as she was sitting in one of the Jacuzzis all by herself.

“Hey, Charlie! What are you up to?” he greeted her as he jumped into the Jacuzzi. “Hey Jacob. I was just dreaming about you and I actually wished for you to join me here. I guess the wish came true!” she laughed.

As Jacob had found a cozy position he asked her more about what they had talked about the day before: “Coming back to your hobby to travel around the world, where do you want to go next?”



While Charlie and Jacob were talking on their own some of the other women were in the Jacuzzi next to theirs and eavesdropping.

“Oh wow, seems like mommy and daddy pay for everything the little princess wants” Iliana whispered. As someone who had lost both her parents at a young age she had to work for everything her life for herself.

Clarissa only rolled her eyes. She hoped Iliana didn’t see it because she wasn’t keen on a fight. Especially with Jacob next to them where he could hear every word they said.



Of course Charlie recognized the girls chatting. So she asked Jacob to go inside. He was walking in front of her and his muscular body put her into a flirty mood.

She has never been one of those seductive women but she knew she had to fight if she wanted to have a chance to win Jacob’s heart. She was aware that flirting would be too soon now but she couldn’t help but throw some sexy eyes at Jacob once in a while.


d2-17Charlie was glad as she saw that her little flirting pushed Jacob’s ego and he became more and more confident. Maybe I will be the first girl he kisses? But there has never been a kiss in this show on the first group date. But if he tries to… She smiled at Jacob because he had a flirty grin on his face.



But as she looked at Jacob again she realized the grin wasn’t for her. Within seconds her mood fell into a deep hole. It was Clarissa who made him grin like a little boy on his birthday about to unpack all the presents.

“I don’t want to interrupt your conversation but can I have a word with you?” Clarissa asked Jacob. She saw Charlie’s sad face and if they were friends she would have asked her what’s wrong. But them being almost strangers she fixed her attention to the bachelor.



“I’m actually not this rude but after I almost missed to talk to you yesterday I just had to do it” Clarissa tried to explain her action. Jacob laughed and said: “No need to be sorry. That’s the game and everyone knows it. But I like that you show interest in me.”

Clarissa looked through the window to her left. All the other girls were outside and gazing at her and Jacob. She tried to find a place where they could be on their own. “Oh, what a cute little bar over there. Why don’t we sit down there?” she offered.



As they sat down the words came bubbling out of Clarissa’s mouth: “I have recognized that I’m the biggest of all. I hope you don’t mind that I’ m not one of those super skinny girls and all…”

Before she could go on Jacob interrupted her: “Woah, no! You’re not big! Not at all! You have the perfect body and I’ve always assumed you’re muscular and that’s how it is. No further discussion about your body or weight. Okay?” He smiled at her to soften his harsh words.



The night was approaching as Jacob returned from his conversation with Clarissa. He saw Velma sitting in the Jacuzzi all by herself and smiling at him. He went over and joined her.

“I’m sure you hear that every single day but you’re a goddess. Or a superhero trying to hide her perfect beauty with her glasses” Jacob purred.

The light going down and the hot water made him flirty again. Before he went too far he changed the topic to a more serious one: “What do you want in life? I guess you have a dream that will hopefully come true one day.”



Before Velma could answer Finley made her way to Jacob and hushed her away: “Sorry, blondie, but I haven’t talked to little Jackie the whole day. So if you don’t mind.” She threw an innocent smile at Jacob and watched Velma leave the Jacuzzi.

Of course she didn’t miss Jacob’s eyes staring at Velma’s rocking hot body. Finley knew that she had an awesome body, too, but the fitness hype occurring these days made it hard for her to be happy with what she got.



At this point Jacob started regretting the idea of this date a bit. All these beautiful women in their swim wear made it hard for him to concentrate on the conversations he had with the ladies.

As much as he liked Velma’s body as much did he love Finley’s. Her body was shaped like a guitar and he had to fight to resists gazing at it the whole time.

During their conversation – he didn’t even remember what it was about – his eyes wandered down a bit too often. Of course Finley didn’t miss that but instead of getting angry she laughed every time: “Oh Jacob, every time I catch you starring at my boobs you blush and that’s adorable.”



After his a bit embarrassing conversation Jacob went through the day again in his head. I chatted with six girls so far. Who’s missing this time?

Looking around he felt eyes being fixed on him. As he looked in the direction they came from his eyes met Iliana’s. Without her doing much he blushed again.

Ignoring his red head he went over to her and the other girls in the Jacuzzi. “Ladies, Iliana” he greeted them. “How come we haven’t talked today?” He tried to look as confident as possible.



Iliana put on her sun glasses again even though the night has started already. “Well, I guess the best comes last?” she grinned at him. Despite the glasses Jacob could feel her intense view lasting on him.

He took Iliana by the hand and led her out of the Jacuzzi. “Where are we going?” she asked him trying to sound innocent. He only looked back at her and grinned like a cheeky little boy.



As they went inside he walked towards the stairs. “I saw cozy armchairs upstairs. I thought we could need some privacy” he said and was pleased to see Iliana blusing this time.

After that long day he could only fall down into the armchair. “Ah, that’s a cozy armchair, isn’t it?” he asked Iliana. She didn’t answer because she was awaiting something else but Jacob didn’t know what.

“I’m curious, why do you think I’m the perfect guy to marry?” Jacob wanted to know from Iliana. She looked at him and finally said: “My parents passed away when I was still a young girl. I had everything I needed before and never thought about my future. With their death I was forced to stand on my own feet. Since then I was on my own most of the time and I’m here because I want to change that.”

Jacob expected anything but not what she had said. His first impression of her being a seductive woman getting everything she wanted changed immediately. But deep inside of him he had felt that there was something under her surface.



As they went down the stairs again Velma was waiting for him. “I thought we could go on where we were interrupted before” she offered. They sat down on a couch near the stairs and Jacob tried to remember what he had asked her a few hours before.

“You asked me about my dream” she began. “I was an only child and my mother was working hard. This meant that I’ve spent most of my time with my dad. He was a houseman and once in a while he catered. I helped him and that’s how I found out I wanted to do something with food. Long story short, I want to be a famous chef one day.”



Jacob was about to gather all women again to drive back home together. But before he could do so Finley came up to him again. “I was thinking about something I’m not quite sure off if it would bother you” she began.

His curiosity rose immediately and they sat down at a bar next to the entry of the lot. Telling from his eyes she went on: “I’ve already told you that I’m the youngest child and have five older brothers. What I haven’t told you is that our mother raised us without the help of our, well, let’s call him father. I had to help my mother with everything in the house because my brothers were struggling with problems all the time if you know what I mean.”

She laughed nervously before she concluded: “What I want to tell is that you’re the first man I’m seeing. I’m totally new to this whole dating thing but I’ve tried to hide it so far. If you want to get to know the real me I have to show you the real me.”

She looked down after she had finished the last sentence. Jacob didn’t know what to say at first. He felt like every single contestant had revealed her biggest secret to him that day. Finally he found the right words: “I don’t care if you’re experienced in the dating thing or not. But I want to know the real you and I’m glad you told me about it.”





That’s the end of day 2. I hope you liked it!


xoxo Sonschi


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