The Bachelor Challenge

Day 1: Welcome HOME!


Finally, the day had come. Jacob was standing in front of the house where he and seven women would be living for the next few weeks.

Of course he had been the first to take a look at the house. As he had been walking from room to room he had been glad to have his own private section where the women had to stay out. He had watched the previous episodes of “The Bachelor” to see how all this might turn out. I hope my girls won’t escalate like some did in previous shows… he had thought by himself.

Because of his thoughts he almost missed the limousine with the first woman arriving. As her feet touched the ground, Jacob was breathless.



Charlie was the first girl to meet the bachelor. As the limousine was driving past the house she saw him waiting for her.

As the limousine stopped she was too nervous to think. Charlie could hear her own heart beating. As the driver came around the vehicle to open the door for her she took a deep breath and put her feet on the ground.

The driver closed the door behind her. Charlie knew she was meant to walk towards the bachelor now but she just stood there and watched him. Her knees were too shaky to walk.

Charlie had to smile as she saw how nervous the bachelor was. She sighed relieved and finally walked over to him. It’s the first impression, don’t mess this up! she reminded herself.



Charlie’s steps were still a bit shaky but walking slower than usually she finally reached the bachelor. He was playing with his fingers the whole time so she knew he was at least as nervous as she was.

Only one or two steps away from him his smile became even broader than before. Just look at these eyes. So bright, so shiny. He’s definitely a man to fall for.



Charlie realized a bit too late that she was standing too close to him. She tried to ignore it and greeted him: “Hey, I’m Charlie.” She wanted to sound relaxed and cool but her voice had other plans: it sounded a bit sore and deeper than usually. She blushed as she realized that she was a bit too flirty for the first small talk.

“Hey Charlie! I’m Jacob, nice to meet you, too! You’re the first one to move into the house with me” Jacob tried to make small talk. Charlie felt the urge to giggle. “Are you nervous?” she asked him.

At first he looked at his feet for a second but then he looked at Charlie and had a cute boyish grin on his face. “Yes, I am. But I think everyone today is nervous” their eyes met as he said that.d1-5“Oh the next lady is already arriving. I would love to talk to you some more but there are a few women left who want to meet me, too. Why don’t you go inside and we’ll talk later again?” Jacob offered. Charlie nodded and turned towards the front door.


d1-6Charlie knew that Jacob was watching her walk inside. She tried to walk normal but her hips were moving gently from one side to the other. As she was around the corner where he couldn’t see her anymore she sighed in relieve: she didn’t mess up the first impression. I’m wondering how the other girls will be like…



Jacob was hypnotized by Charlie. He looked after her for so long he almost didn’t see the next woman until she was standing right in front of him.

He was a bit angry at himself as Velma was standing in front of him. I hope she didn’t recognize I missed her walking up to me. He smiled at her and introduced himself: “Hey, I’m Jacob.” Velma smiled at him and showed her gap between the front teeth. “Hey Jacob, my name is Velma” she answered.

Jacob was a bit distracted from her glasses but he also knew not to mention them. I wonder how she looks like without her glasses. I bet she’s even more beautiful without them. “Velma is a pretty name. Where does it come from?” he asked her instead.


d1-8Velma told Jacob about her origins. He was amazed because he had never met someone from Oasis Springs. “I see we have a lot to talk about. Would you mind wait inside until I have greeted all ladies? Afterwards we can have a longer conversation” Jacob promised Velma.


d1-9“Sure I don’t mind. I will definitely come back to you” Velma smiled at Jacob again. She could feel that there was something special between them. But she also knew that there are six other women who might feel exactly like her. I will fight for him. You never know if he’s the one.


d1-10The two hugged each other and Velma walked inside. As she reached the front door she turned around to look at Jacob once more. She smiled as she saw him watching her walk away. She waved at him and disappeared in the house.



Look at him! He’s too handsome. Trecile thought as she got out of the limousine. She just stood there and watched the bachelor before she wanted to approach him. His smile washed away her nervous mood.

Trecile knew that she was special. Of course every girl thought about herself that she was unique in some way. But Trecile had a secret no one knew so far. Even her closest friends are unaware of her secret. At the same time she knew she once would have to tell her secret to the bachelor if they fell for each other. But she would take her time to do so.


d1-12As Trecile saw that the bachelor became more and more nervous with every second she kept standing still, she decided to go up to him. Standing face to face with him she was even more amazed by his appearance: those bright blue eyes seemed to look right into her soul. But could they also see her secret?



Before he was able to discover it she began: “Hey Mr. Bachelor! My name is Trencile. I bet your name is just as awesome as your look.” It took some seconds before the bachelor answered: “Hey Trecile, nice to meet you! My name is Jacob. It’s not as unique and interesting as yours but you probably like it anyway.” He threw a bright smile at her.

“It’s not the name I thought of but hearing it now the name fits perfectly. Do you have a nickname? Maybe Jack? Can I call you Jack?” she was talking a bit faster than usual. I guess I am nervous after all. She tried to hide it with some jokes and hoped the conversation wouldn’t turn awkward.



Trecile was glad that Jacob laughed at every joke she made. He seems to have the same humor as I do. What a perfect fit!

“Unfortunately, I have to interrupt our conversation now because the next lady is on her way. Please join the other girls inside the house. I will join you later” Jacob told her. With a great mood she went into the house.

What a great character. I bet she’s fun to hang out. He silently laughed as he watched her walk away. Her humor had left a positive impression in his head. But still, there was something mysterious about her. But what was it?



As Jacob turned his head back to the drive way, the next lady was already waiting for his attention. From her appearance he could tell that she was into sports just like him.

Their eyes met and Jacob couldn’t wait to talk to her. But she seemed a bit shy so he waved her over to her. Meeting all the women before had given him a confidence boost.



Jacob wasn’t sure but it looked like the lady was blushing. It was too hard to tell because of the distance between them. Finally she walked up to him with a bright beautiful smile on her face.

“Hey pretty woman! My name is Jacob. Would you be so kind to tell me yours?” the bachelor said to her as she was standing in front of him. “My name is Clarissa” she answered with a shy smile.


d1-17“Your name is almost as pretty as you are, Clarissa” Jacob replied. “Am I right when I say that you like sports?” The woman laughed cheerfully and nodded: “Yes, I’m very ambitious and enjoy competing with others. What’s better for a competition than sports?”


d1-18The two talked about their favorite sports for some time until the limousine approached the house once more. “Clarissa, I’m sorry to interrupt our conversation but there are three more ladies waiting for me. Please join the other ladies in the house. I’ll come talk to you later for sure” Jacob said and Clarissa went inside.


d1-19As Jacob’s eyes went from Clarissa back to the drive way, a woman in a wedding dress was standing there. He was confused at first but after a second thought he admired her. She was brave enough to show her intension right away and she sure knew how to stick out from all the others. She had a sassy look on her face and Jacob couldn’t wait to talk to her.



Walking seductively towards him, it was Jacob who blushed this time. His friends had told him about women like her several times and he was always fascinated from their stories. Though, he had never met one of that kind before.

The closer she came the more grew his curiosity. Before he could greet her she complimented him: “Wow, Mr. Handsome! I’ve known that there are always great looking men as the bachelor in this show. But you’re the hottest for sure.” She flattered her eyelashes before she went on: “I’m Iliana, your future wife. Friends call me Lana but you can also call me your sweetheart.”



Jacob tried to say something but he was only able to stutter some broken words. Never before had a woman flirted this obvious with him before and he wasn’t sure how to react.

He took a deep breath and finally found his words: “Welcome Iliana! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jacob and I can’t wait to learn more about you.”



Unfortunately, Jacob had filled all the time they had for a first small talk with his stuttering. They both looked in the same direction as the limousine came into sight again. “I guess I’ll see you later” Iliana purred. Without waiting for an answer she entered the house.

Before she disappeared through the front door she winked at Jacob and he blushed even more than before. Woah, this woman really knows how to take the lead. With a big grin on his completely red face he turned his head to wait for the next candidate.



This time Jacob had to wait until the limousine stopped at the drive way. He could feel that his head was red like a tomato and he hoped the next woman wouldn’t recognize or at least don’t mind it.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As he opened them again an amazing woman in a black dress was standing next to the limousine. Her body was shaped like a guitar and Jacob had to fight against his jaw dropping down to the floor.



“I can’t believe I’m really here and finally meet you!” she said right away. In her expression Jacob saw immediately that she was fun to be around. Her happy mood cheered him up. “Hey hey! I also can’t believe I’m here meeting so many awesome and beautiful women. I’m Jacob by the way. A tough woman like you has a perfectly fitting name, hasn’t she?” he winked at her.

She laughed and grabbed his hands: “Well, it’s another thing you probably won’t believe but my name is really unique for a girl. I have five older brothers and I guess my parents were just used to giving their kids boys’ names so they named me Finley.”


d1-25Jacob quite fell for Finley’s attitude: “I know some people with names that are more likely used for the opposite sex but I’m sure you’ve been rocking this name your whole life!”



Once again there was no time left for more conversation. Jacob excused himself but there was one woman left to welcome to the house. “But I will follow you inside in a few minutes. Then we’ll have enough time for a long conversation. Let me bring you to the entrance.”

He linked arms with Finley and together they walked to the door. The gentleman he was he held it open for her and she disappeared.



Last but not least lady number seven was waiting for the bachelor. As Jacob’s eyes met her he was stunned: an elegant lady in a long dress softly caressing her body appeared. He wasn’t quite sure how to talk to a woman like her.

Even though he was used to being self assured, he tilted his head a bit and smiled shyly at her.



Approaching him she stopped halfway and glanced at him. It was this moment Jacob realized he had the same effect on her like she did on him. He signaled her to come closer.

“Welcome, milady to the bachelor mansion. I hope the transportation satisfied your needs. May I introduce myself: my parents have chosen to name me Jacob. Would you be so kind as to tell me yours, my fair lady?” he bowed down a bit.



“My name is Rose” the woman giggled. “You can talk to me like to anyone else. I’m not of noble blood.” Jacob was relieved: “You have to admit that you have a noble elegance in your appearance. But I’m glad we can talk less snobbish.”

“I’m just the girl from next door. I didn’t realize how my outfit affects others until you greeted me like this” Rose laughed. “Actually, I just wanted to use the moment to dress up and maybe impress the bachelor with my appearance. Still, I hope you won’t be disappointed when you see me in my daily clothes.”

They spent a few more minutes talking until Jacob remembered to strict plan for today. “You’ll have to excuse me now. Just go inside and I will soon join all of you” he said as he showed her the way inside.



After all the candidates were in the house Jacob was happy. Hearing the screaming from the ladies brightened up his day even more.

I guess the ladies are just as taken with me as I am with every single one of them. I can’t wait to know them better. But I’m afraid of the elimination nights. The decisions will probably the toughest thing I ever had to do. I hope I won’t let the right one walk out of my life…



Meanwhile, the women were talking about Jacob just as he assumed. “Can you believe how handsome he is? And the way he greeted me was just too charming. He thought I was a noble lady and he tried to treat me like a queen. But I have to say I’m fine with being his princess” Rose almost melted on the couch as she raved about the bachelor.

Finley only listened with one ear because she couldn’t get Jacob out of her mind. As Rose finished fantasizing about him she asked the other two girls: “Did he bring you to the door, too? He did bring me to the door and it was amazing. Feeling him close to me was just … Well it felt as if he was just made for me.”

Trecile kept silent during the whole conversation. She was aware that there would be other pretty girls around and she thought she could handle this competition. But hearing how gentle he treated the others made her sad. I thought I was special for him. But it seems these two are even more special for him than I am.



Outside next to the pool, Velma and Charlie were already far ahead of the bachelor topic. “I can’t believe we have to share the bedrooms with two or even three other girls. This house is a villa after all and it’s huge! This is definitely causing troubles soon” Charlie complained. As the only child of rich parents she wasn’t used to sleep in the same room with more people.

Velma rolled her eyes and replied: “Don’t complain about the bedroom situation until you have seen how many bathrooms we have in his house? Three! And Jacob probably has his own.”



Clarissa and Iliana were sitting at the bar in the dining room. Their topic had nothing to do with Jacob as well. “So, you wear a wedding dress to show him that you’re looking for a man to marry?” Clarissa was a bit shocked by Iliana’s idea.

“Yes, why not? Now he will definitely remember me and it’s always best to express straight what you want. I don’t think he didn’t like it” she winked at her. But maybe he thinks she wants to marry a rich guy Clarissa thought.



Jacob wanted to give the women some time before he went inside to join them. A small part of him was a bit scared of the situation because he had never been the only man among so many girls who all of them wanted to date him.

After the long introduction part of the show he felt hungry. The first thing he did after he entered the house was to go straight for the buffet. He wasn’t the only one eating so he joined the biggest group at the dining tables outside on the patio.

Before he could have one bite of his shrimps he was asked for a one on one conversation. “Hey Jacob. I don’t want to interrupt your dinner but are you interested to go over there after we’ve finished our meals?” Velma offered pointing at the seating area in the back of the garden.



Of course Jacob didn’t deny her offer and after dinner they went to the place together. “I’m only here for less than an hour but I already know that this is the most beautiful place at the whole lot. It’s romantic and you’re shielded from the others so you have some privacy” Velma said as they sat down.

Jacob agreed and without much ado the conversation went fluently. After a while Velma asked: “Do you have siblings? I’m asking because I don’t and I’m interested in how it’s like.” Jacob laughed: “I’m sorry but I can’t tell you what it’s like to have siblings. I’m an only child just like you.”



They were deeply sunken into their conversation and almost didn’t recognize Iliana standing beside them. “I’m so sorry but I think I’ll have to steel him from you” Iliana said to Velma.

Velma wasn’t quite happy about it but she was aware that this was part of the show. “I hope I will get to know you even more soon” she told Jacob as she left him with the other competitor.



Iliana sat down on the chair next to Jacob and started raving over the place: “Oh wow, look at how beautiful it is here! Whoever designed this should also plan our wedding.” She winked at him and was amused that he blushed again.

“I hope it’s okay for you that Velma had to leave. But that’s how this show works, isn’t it? However, I really want to get to know you. I know I’m very straight forward but that’s how I am. So, tell me your intentions. Are you really looking for your better half here?” she asked him in a serious voice.

Once again she managed to confuse Jacob. Did she just ask me if my intentions here are real or just played? He took his time to answer her question: “I assume you have seen a lot in life already and it won’t surprise you when I tell you that you can’t decide if you love someone or not. The best outcome, of course, would be to find my true love with this show. The worst case would be that she isn’t among all of you and I’ll have to go on looking for her. Do you like my answer?”

Jacob didn’t know what it was that made Iliana as fascinating as she was. Her question was a bit too rude for him but nevertheless, he was falling for her.



As both Jacob and Iliana didn’t say anymore, the bachelor wanted to avoid an awkward silence and offered to go back to the others. Iliana agreed and together they walked to the house.

The first woman Jacob’s eyes caught inside was Rose. She was talking to Finley who looked disappointed as the only man in the house didn’t ask her but Rose to sit down a talk for a while.



They went over to the couch in the living room and sat down next to each other. “I still can’t believe you thought I was noble” Rose teased Jacob. He cleared his throat and laughed: “You do look like one today. Check a mirror and tell me I’m wrong.”

“Oh no, thanks. I believe you now. But I hope it’s more like a Kate kind of noble and not any diva noble. Anyway, I’m really interested in you and your life. I just finished my Journalism degree and I really love interviewing people and get to know them better. So tell me more about you” she requested with a cute expression on her face.

Jacob told her about how he had worked himself up and founded his own company. Rose enjoyed listening to him telling her funny anecdotes about his life. It only took a few seconds to make this interview into a lovely conversation. She felt as if she had known Jacob for years already.



A little cough disturbed their chat. As they looked up they saw Charlie glancing sweetly at them: “Before you to elope here I think I squeeze in. Would you mind giving us some privacy, Rose?”

Rose wasn’t pleased to leave Jacob with Charlie. Right after she had left Charlie sat down and Jacob asked her right away: “I was wondering, do you have any exotic origins? I mean I’m not an expert at fashion but your dress looks like a Sari to me.”

“As far as I know my origins are not exotic. But I love traveling all around the world and I’ve been to many many places already. India was one of my favorites. That’s why I’m wearing a Sari-like dress” Charlie began her long story about her travels.

Jacob admired her enthusiasm to learning more about other cultures but at the same time he wondered how she paid all the flights, hotels, souvenirs and all that. Maybe she did this work and travel thing and just leaves out the work part because it’s less interesting than the travel part?



Before he could ask her Finley came over to them, grabbed his hand and led him away from Charlie. “I thought it was time we spent some time together” she winked. She led him to the third floor and outside on the patio.

“I have to admit that I haven’t been out here yet” Jacob explained as he looked around. “I guess the bar distracted my mind too much to even recognize there is a patio up here.”

Finley laughed: “I don’t want to shock you but there are two patios.” Jacob looked straight into Finley’s eyes before he replied: “I do know the other patio. But only because there’s the best thing of this house. Maybe we will experience it one day.” He grinned and winked at her.



As most conversation that day Jacob and Finley were interrupted by another contestant. This time it was Trecile who walked up to them and asked Finley to explore the house somewhere else.

Right after Finley had closed the door behind her Trecile couldn’t hold it back anymore: “You know what I don’t understand? You said you would join me later. But how much longer do you want me to wait? I was told I’m your favorite!”

Jacob was wondering who told her that so he asked her: “Who told you you’re my favorite? I only know all of you for a few hours now. I don’t have a favorite. But I guess the whole situation is a bit too stressful for you. Let’s sit down and talk. I’m all yours now.” He tried to cheer her up with a smile and it worked.



“I’m still curious, who told you that you were my favorite?” Jacob asked her after they sat down. Trecile blushed and stared at her shoes. “It’s a bit hard to admit but… It wasn’t a real person telling me about it. It was… Well it was my inner voice who told me. I know I sound like a freak but I swear I’m not!” saying the last sentence, Trecile looked up and sunk into Jacob’s eyes.

Jacob looked into Trecile’s eyes. He didn’t think she was a freak but he knew she was hiding something from him. But he didn’t want to ask her. “I bet it’s just the unknown situation we’re all thrown into today. And it’s late already. I promise when you wake up tomorrow everything will be fine” he wished her a good night and walked her down to the bedrooms.



As Trecile closed the door to one of the women’s bedrooms, Jacob felt tired as well. He planned to go down to the first floor and wish all the ladies a good night before he disappeared. But he felt like he missed someone tonight. As he reached the stairs he heard some girls chatting downstairs: “What do you think about Clarissa? She was outside at the basket ball field working out. She even changed her clothes. I mean, it’s the first night and we should impress the bachelor and talk to him. But all she does is exclude herself and don’t care about Jacob at all.”

Jacob didn’t know the woman good enough recognize who’s voice was talking. He decided to ignore it while he was walking down the stairs. Just as planned he wished the girls a good night but he also asked for Clarissa.

Clarissa was still outside shooting some hoops even though it was already dark night. She knew that her behavior was rude but she couldn’t handle all these girls anymore. She needed some time alone.



The noise from the women changed from the first to the second floor. I guess everyone’s about to go to bed. I messed up. I didn’t talk to Jacob the whole night. I’m sure he’s angry at me for hiding here. Clarissa was disappointed about herself.

She kicked the ball aside and wanted to go inside as she heard a cough a few steps away from her. “Do you mind if I join you?” Jacob asked her with a soft voice. Seeing his smile almost made her cry but she refused to show him how she felt at that moment.

“I just wanted to go back inside. Jacob, I’m so sorry. I needed some time for myself and the time was just flying. I even didn’t realize it was dark until now” Clarissa tried to apologize.



“No need to be sorry for being yourself. I have to admit that the whole day was more exhausting than any workout I’ve ever done. I also have to admit that I missed you. Would you mind to spend some time with me now? Or do you want to go to bed already?” he watched her with curious eyes.

Clarissa nodded: “Of course we can spend some time together. So, how far away from the basket can you shoot a hoop?” She grabbed the basket ball and threw it at Jacob. Her bright smile encouraged him to boast about his qualities. Clarissa enjoyed it because she knew he wasn’t too serious about it.


d1-47It was almost three o’clock in the morning as Jacob reached his bedroom. He enjoyed every conversation this day but he was glad to see his bed.


d1-48Before he changed into his sleep wear he took a look at the pictures of all the girls in his room. Only two days left and I will have to send one of them home. Dear Creator, give me strength to make the right decision…



A few minutes later Jacob crawled into his bed and fell asleep immediately.


Dear readers,

This is where day 1 ends. I hope you enjoyed this chapter even though it’s a lot to read.

xoxo Sonschi


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