The Bachelor Challenge

The Ladies

After a long and hard decision these are the 7 ladies the bachelor will meet. Maybe the love of his life is among them, who knows…


Name: Charlie Isaacs
Eye colour: Mist blue
Hair colour: Orange-Red
Traits: Vegetarian, Music Lover, Perfectionist
Creator’s Gallery ID: drfangirl

Story: Charlie’s parents were young when they had her, although extremely rich. She went off to explore the world in as soon as she aged up. She had a dream of falling in love with the perfect man one day. Is this dream going to come true?



Name: Clarissa Mayo
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Traits: Cheerful, Ambitious, Loner
Creator’s Gallery ID: icemanfresh
Story: Clarissa was born to very hardworking parents who built a life for themselves in the Midwest. She had a lower middle class upbringing, but she was happy. Her parents considered her a blessing, because she was a very cheerful child who brightened up the room. She was also very inquisitive, and she desired to learn many things. Her parents’ ambitiousness rubbed off on her, and she worked hard in school, picking up a lot of skills that would help her work with the latest technology. Clarissa tended to keep to herself this way, and she kept a very small but close circle of friends, and continues to do so today. Her few dating attempts weren’t very stellar, so she hopes that by joining The Bachelor, she might end up meeting a decent guy that she could fall for.



Name: Finley Sutton
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Traits: Music Lover, Perfectionist, Goofball
Creator’s Gallery ID: camptl38
Story: Finley grew up as the youngest of six children with five older brothers. Finley and her brothers lived with their mother only, who worked constantly to try to support the six of them, and while she did her absolute best, Finley’s older brothers ran a muck, often getting themselves into trouble with the law. Although the youngest, Finley found herself often trying to clean up after her brother’s messes and restore some order in their lives. Because of Finley’s family and the small town she grew up in, everyone knew of the Sutton’s and Finley was often seen as a tough chick, although her teacher’s, specifically her music instructor, saw potential in her. Finley was bright and extremely diligent. She worked hard and often surpassed her classmates grade wise, although she always seemed calm and collected and was constantly cracking jokes. Finley’s dream is to be a hit music composer and it was her goal to start a new career in music directly after graduation. However, she had heard that they were looking for young woman to fill this season’s casting of The Bachelor, and Finley was drawn to the opportunity. She had never had a boyfriend, as she spent most of her time trying to keep the house together and the rest of her time involved in her music studies. Finley saw the casting as an opportunity to do something for herself for the first time ever and to maybe, just maybe, find love in the process.



Name: Iliana “Lana” Spars
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Traits: Romantic, Jealous, Music Lover
Creator’s Gallery ID: barley57
Story: Iliana’s family was always able to afford the nicer things in life. When her parents passed away, she had to learn how to fend for herself. At first, it was extremely hard for Lana to live, but after a while, she got used to having to wait for the things she wanted, even though it was still hard. You will usually find Lana belting out her favorite songs or hanging out at the bar. She absolutely loves musicals and aspires to one day be in one herself. One of her flaws is that she enjoys to start conflicts between others and loves to watch things go down. She will do anything she has to to get what she wants. Will she find her perfect man?



Name: Rose Wayfind
Eye Color: Turquoise
Hair Colour: Blonde
Traits: Jealous, Ambitious,Self Assured

Creator’s Gallery ID: 13jordyrox
Story: Rose Wayfind was born to her mother, Lyssa Wayfind, and father, Barty Wayfind. She has two older siblings: her eldest brother Jack, and middle sister Vivienne. When Rose was 13, she overheard a fight between her mother and father and discovered that Barty was not her biological father. Rather, Lyssa had an affair with a known womanizer, Don Lothario, and Rose was born from the tryst. Heartbroken, Rose confronted her mother and was sent away to live with her maternal grandmother for good. Barty couldn’t stand the mere sight of a child he once thought was his, and loved as his own. So Rose moved across the country to a small town where she did her best to fit in, regardless of the fact that she was living in a run-down barn with her grandmother, raising horses and livestock. She grew up under her grandmother’s strict rules and old-school beliefs instead of following her heart. At eighteen, Rose would sneak out at night and attend classes at the local University, where she earned her degree in Journalism. After her graduation, she decided to take a gap year between school and work to apply for the bachelor!
Rose hopes to find herself among the chaos in the bachelor mansion, all while falling in love.



Name: Trecile Echmore
Eye Color: Bright Brown
Hair Color: Piano Black
Traits: Perfectionist, Insane, Goofball
Creator’s Gallery ID: Ancaryvan

Story: Did you believe that when she firstly appeared in my game she is a Twonie randomly generated by my computer? If your reaction is “You GOT to be kidding”, then I’m NOT surprise. I’m hardly believe myself. So HOW or WHERE myself do I find such a lovely young in the first place? Obviously, in a bar during Single’s Night happy hour. Yap… isn’t it obviouls? She is looking someone special. Like VERY SPECIAL. So basically I can’t take all the credit of “creating” her. My GAME “gives birth” to her and my job simply takes time give her fashion make over. Her story is a bit complex to make because she… Shhh… It’s a secret.

In recent background of her, she is raised by a police officer, her perfectionist trait is inherited from her dad who also like to get job done perfectly. Trecile, raise in single family, she does have a wonderful childhood, in fact that’s how her goofball trait developed when she was a teen. HOWEVER!!! TRAGEDY befalls on Trecile’s LAST DAY of her teenage hood, her dad died on duty. During the day he dies, he prepares a special formal night gown, for Trecile’s prom night/high school graduation party and birthday. That dress holds a very SYMBOLIC meaning of her secret that only her father and she know. The dress is meant to encourage her not to be afraid to show her true self but ironically becomes the trigger point of her having an insane trait, only talk to herself for social need. Her father’s death devastate her too much because he is the ONLY person who knows her true identity as secret, such a secret is also a bond that keeps her father very close.

The Big Question is would Jacob be the Mr Right that can help Trecile to show her true self and wear that gown once more? or would Trecile make a biggest mistake ever in her life?



Name: Velma Moulin
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Traits: Genius, Foodie, Hot Headed
Creator’s Gallery ID: kersalv

Story: Velma grew up in Oasis Springs with her mother and father. Her mother was the chief in town. Her father was a stay-at-home dad most of the time, but occasionally catered at parties. Because her mother had lots to do at the police station, Velma would often tag along to her dads catering jobs, and it was there her love of food was born. Her aspiration in life is to be a Master Chef.

She applied to the show because she wanted to see something else than the desert, and to meet new people. After her father passed away, the heat that she always loved and used to thrive in, became unbearable. The desert landscape now seemed dead and empty. When her friend told her that she was gonna apply for a show called “Bachelor”, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to get her mind off her dad, have an adventure. and perhaps even find love. Something she hasn’t had much experience with.



NOTE: These descriptions were written by the creators of these Sims. [Thread]


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