Simself Legacy Challenge

1.5: Two Steps a Time

Trying to hold back the nonsense making its way from her brain to her mouth, Sophie decided it was best to not speak at all. After all, it was her to make the first move and ask Steve if their meeting up at the restaurant was a date. But what if he counted calling her… Continue reading 1.5: Two Steps a Time

Batman Selection Challenge

Week 10: I Want to Play a Game (Part 3)

Friday   “Ariella, we need to talk” Nylah said after the breakfast. A bit worried the other blond accepted and stayed while everyone left the room. “What’s the matter?” she asked as they were on their own. Nylah sighed and stated: “I’m sure one of us will leave tomorrow. We’re both blond.” Ariella stepped back… Continue reading Week 10: I Want to Play a Game (Part 3)