Batman Selection Challenge


The day has finally come. Maximilian Royale was standing under the pavilion at the park that Alfred had recommended for the finale. It was a beautiful park but the bachelor was too concentrated on what would happen soon to recognize his surroundings.   Ariella   The first one of the two contestants left was Ariella.… Continue reading FINALE

Batman Selection Challenge

Week 10: I Want to Play a Game (Part 3)

Friday   “Ariella, we need to talk” Nylah said after the breakfast. A bit worried the other blond accepted and stayed while everyone left the room. “What’s the matter?” she asked as they were on their own. Nylah sighed and stated: “I’m sure one of us will leave tomorrow. We’re both blond.” Ariella stepped back… Continue reading Week 10: I Want to Play a Game (Part 3)

Batman Selection Challenge

Week 8: Challenges are Fun! (Part 3)

Friday   The day before the elimination began with a harmonious breakfast. Alfred had prepared a fruit salad and everyone was still in their PJs. Even Alfred himself hadn’t changed his outfit yet. “What a beautiful morning, isn’t it?” one of the girls asked. As it was still rather early for most of the contestants,… Continue reading Week 8: Challenges are Fun! (Part 3)