Batman Selection Challenge

Week 5: Pool Party (Part 3)

Friday   Once again it was the day before the rose ceremony. It wasn’t the first one but Max felt awful because of it once again. He tried almost everything to distract his thoughts from the elimination. After a while he gave up and went boxing. Releasing his frustration and fears into the punching bag… Continue reading Week 5: Pool Party (Part 3)

Batman Selection Challenge

Week 4: The First Solo Dates (Part 1)

Monday   “Do you really think ice cream is a great idea for breakfast?” Rebecca asked, chuckling. The brown haired woman looked at the other’s plate and raised an eyebrow. “It’s not worse than a peanutbutter-jelly-sandwich” she replied a bit tense. Rebecca was a bit confused about the harsh answer. Before she could say anything,… Continue reading Week 4: The First Solo Dates (Part 1)